Oh, that man would preach this more often and loudly:

Heaven with all its glories, or Hell with all its horrors–must be your eternal portion! If you despise the Savior, make light of the Gospel, and neglect God’s great salvation–then Hell, an eternal Hell, with all its unspeakable horrors, is your portion!


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(James Smith, “Heaven!” 1858)  Play Audio!  Download Audio

“You have made known to me the path of life; You will fill me with joy in Your presence, with eternal pleasures at Your right hand!” Psalm 16:11

HEAVEN!What is it?
It is . . .
God’s residence,
the Savior’s home,
our Father’s house,
a paradise of pleasure,
a temple of worship, and
the residence of perfect purity and peace!

There . . .
Godunveils His glory,
theSaviorexhibits His charms,
theangelsperform their service, and
thesaintsare entirely happy with their God.

In Heaven . . .
sinis banished,
holinessis perfected,
lifeis a continual feast, and
mortalityis swallowed up in life!

FromHeaven . . .
allpainis banished,
allenemiesare excluded, and
all causes ofsorrow

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