Special Prayer Request – Pakistan

Greetings everyone I received this email from my friend in Pakistan the other day. His family is under constant persecution and in need of financial support.

Hi, Please could you pray for me and my family. We have been suffering misfortune by being harassed by local police and fanatics from the majority faith in Pakistan. We have been lost, our home and all our possessions in 2020. We have been ruined and crushed by critical circumstances. Now we are homeless and I need a shelter/ home for us. We have nothing to survive in the rented houses. In Pakistan most properties owners and owners of the houses are Muslims, therefore, they many people are facing problems by the house owners. We need to buy a house for us.

Rev.Maurice Shahbaz

Founder director Prisons Mission Society

P.O.Box 70, Gujranwala,Pakistan

Mobile and WhatsApp: + 92-3008881483

E-mail: prisonsmissionsociety@yahoo.com

Below is a power point of their ministry:

Thank you for your prayer and helping to me for our needs. I am sending estimated dollar amounts for needs. estimated amounts for specific needs such as the

Cost of vehicle: :$ 26186 and $2325 for vehicle Registration and Tax( Total: $28,511).

Cost of Office Building: $ 51,162

Cost of Home: $ 44,1860

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