Devotional Thought for Today – 08/13/2022


CONTEXT MHCC: This chapter contains an account, I. Of the miserable condition of these Ephesians by nature (v. 1-3) and again (v. 11, 12). II. Of the glorious change that was wrought in them by converting grace (v. 4-10) and again (v. 13). III. Of the great and mighty privileges that both converted Jews and Gentiles receive from Christ (v. 14-22). The apostle endeavours to affect them with a due sense of the wonderful change which divine grace had wrought in them; and this is very applicable to that great change which the same grace works in all those who are brought into a state of grace. So that we have here a lively picture both of the misery of unregenerate men and of the happy condition of converted souls, enough to awaken and alarm those who are yet in their sins and to put them upon hastening out of that state, and to comfort and delight those whom God hath quickened, with a consideration of the mighty privileges with which they are invested.

Many modern translations of the bible have headings throughout the chapters as sort of context helps. In the case of our main text, it is almost always the last verse (v.1-10) of headings such as Made alive in Christ, By Grace through Faith, or something very similar. The overarching theme is God’s divine Grace trumps mans inherent sin by way of the effectual calling and salvation through the blood of Christ Jesus. Those who would claim to be “Christian”:

For we are his workmanship, Are not just created creatures (as all living things are) but true spiritual creatures that only those chosen (before ordained) and cleansed by the blood of Christ can be.

created in Christ Jesus unto good works, Are new creatures/creations not just some tap on the head and on you go with the old, we are truly reborn, in Christ for the purpose of doing good (righteous) works for the kingdom of God.

which God hath before ordained that we should walk in them. Many a man thinks they do good deeds and works without Christ, but it is all but sin. God directs or “ordains” the works for which His chosen should and can do for His glory and the advancement of the Kingdom. To walk in any other path is but folly.


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