Devotional Thought for Today – 03/23/2022

Matthew 15:7-9

CONTEXT: In v.1-9, the Pharisees and scribes have questioned (more like demanded and answer) Jesus, about why His disciples had not ritualized washed (as was their tradition) before eating. Jesus answers by asking how they are honoring God (Him) in doing this ritual, that is not found in scripture.

I am sure we have all been to a church service or know someone who has said something to the effect “that worship service didn’t do anything for me.” There are multiple things WRONG with that statement first and foremost Worship is about God, not you or me. It is never intended for what you get out of it but what you put into it, getting something out of it is the byproduct. The faith and worship of a true believer are not based upon feelings.

There are two things implied in the text by Jesus. His statement makes it abundantly clear, Worship is to be carried out by God’s standards and God’s alone. If it is not clearly delineated for Worship in the Book (Word of God) we have no business doing it. Secondly and maybe more obscure is the fact that Jesus is condemning the Pharisees and scribes for not only adding man into the mix but limiting worship itself. They were in effect saying you can only truly honor God (worship Him) when you are ritually clean. Jesus says we can honor (worship) God all the time. Every time we keep His commandments, we glorify, honor, and thereby worship God.

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