Devotional Thought for Today – 03/07/2022

On Saturday last’s post, I thought I had ended the “Prayer Series” after 50 posts. That post spoke of Great Martyrs for the Faith of the past, Foxes Book of Martyrs, and Matthew Henry’s Method of Prayer for Martyrs. Then today this quote from George Whitefield came across my computer and I had been hooked once again.

You see this quote, as shown is missing the opening line:

There is no being a Christian without giving up all for Christ.

What was Whitefield thinking when he said this? Let me try and break it down:

Luke 14:33, Jesus speaking to His disciples makes it clear there is a cost involved in being a follower of Christ (a Christian). A follower of Christ must be willing to forsake ALL earthly possessions, family, and friends to be a “True Christian.” Then in Matthew 16:24, Jesus tells us not only must we be willing to give everything we own and cherish up to follow Him, but we must also be willing to suffer great burdens (take up your cross) as followers. Finally staying in the Gospels, we find, Mark 8:35, true followers of Christ are willing martyrs for Christ.

Being a willing follower of Christ does not mean we are resolved to lay back and die for Christ. We have a powerful weapon called prayer, that we MUST exercise daily.

We must pray to be supplied with the comforts and supports we daily stand in need of.

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