Devotional Thought for Today – 02/17/2022

Prayer Series XXXV

We continue with excerpts from Reformed Reflections on the Lord’s Prayer.

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Matthew 6:5-15, Luke 11:2-4

The Petitions (continued)

Thy kingdom come

What do we pray for in the second petition? The destruction of Satan’s kingdom, and the coming of the kingdom of God. Psalm 83:17-18.

John Brown of Haddington

In the second petition we pray . . . that the kingdom of grace may be advanced, ourselves and others brought into it, and kept in it; and that the kingdom of glory may be hastened.

Westminster Shorter Catechism

The kingdom of grace is advanced with the conversion of every sinner and the sanctification of every believer, and with the spread of the Gospel in heathen lands.

Alexander Whyte

God’s kingdom is . . . godliness, chastity, purity, gentleness, tenderness and kindness . . . We are saved only when God reigns in us, and we become His kingdom.

Martin Luther

Thy kingdom come means: Rule us by Thy Word and Spirit in such a way that more and more we submit to Thee. Keep Thy Church strong, and add to it. Destroy the devil’s work; destroy every force that revolts against Thee and every conspiracy against Thy Word. Do this until Thy kingdom is so complete and perfect that in it Thou art all in all.

Heidelberg Catechism

Bible Proof Texts: Matthew 6:33, Mark 1:15, Luke 13:18 -21, Luke 17:21, John 18:36,

Romans 14:17-18, John 3:3, Luke 1:32b-33, Hebrews 1:8, Revelation 11:15, Revelation 12:10.


The Lord’s Prayer: Explained and Applied (by Wilhelmus à Brakel)

Sermon on The Lord’s Prayer by Charles Spurgeon – “A Heavenly Pattern for Our Earthly Life”


What Is the Purpose of the Lord’s Prayer? (GTY Ministries)

What is the Lord’s prayer? (by James Ussher)

The Lord’s Prayer: Its Spirit and Teaching (by Octavius Winslow)

The Lord’s Prayer (eBook) (by A W Pink)

The Lord’s Prayer (eBook) by Thomas Watson

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