Devotional Thought for Today – 12/28/2021

Stephen Charnock quote: A man may be theologically knowing and spiritually  ignorant.

Yesterday we looked at the Omnipotence Of God and today I want to continue investigating the three main terms we use to describe God’s attributes or characteristics by looking at the Omniscience of God.

Merriam-Webster defines omnipresent, the characteristic of omniscience, as “having infinite awareness, understanding, and insight; possessed of universal or complete knowledge.”

Charles Buck Theological Dictionary says of the Omnipresence of God

Is his ubiquity, or his being present in every place. This may be argued from his infinityPsalms 139:1-24 : his power, which is everywhere, Hebrews 1:3; his providence, Acts 17:27-28 , which supplies all. As he is a spirit, he is so omnipresent as not to be mixed with the creature, or divided, part in one place, and part in another; nor is he multiplied or extended, but is essentially present everywhere. From the consideration of this attribute we should learn to fear and reverence God, Psalms 89:7 . To derive consolation in the hour of distress, Is. 43: 2. Psalms 46:1 . To be active and diligent in holy services, Psalms 119:168 .

See Charnock’s Works, vol. 1: p. 240; Abernethy’s Sermons, ser. 7; Howe’s Works, vol. 1: p. 108, 110; Saurin’s Sermons, vol. 1: ser. 3; Gill’s Body of Div. b. i; Spect. vol. 8: No. 565, 571; Tillotson’s Sermons, ser. 154.

I would summarize this attribute of God as having boundless knowledge. In other words God knows all things, you can’t stump God. Of course man tries, because we are smarter than God, right? Remember the Pharisees attempt to trick Jesus Matthew 22:15-22, Luke 20:20-26, that certainly turned out like they planned.

As I noted yesterday, far to often man ties to fit an infinite GOD into man’s limited comprehension. That is what Charnock is saying above. We can have theological knowledge, quote scripture, history of the church, even Greek and Hebrew and be Spiritually Dead. The other issue is that we far to often limit what we think God is capable of.

See the source image

How sad a commentary, that any man would limit the knowledge of their god, and then worship that same god. (Small “g” intended) Why would you bow down to anyone no better than you?

Psalm 139:title–24 (ESV) - Psalm 139:title–24 ESV - TO THE CHOIRMASTER.… |  Biblia

Psalm 139 captures the essence of God’s omniscience. Here is a commentary on that psalm from Grace Gems, that I found helpful:

Psalm 139: All things are naked and open to the omniscience of God. His presence is all-pervading. Suitable prayer concludes the hymn.

In closing let me leave you with this, from A.W. Pink’s classic The Attributes of God, The KNOWLEDGE of God; The apprehension of God’s infinite knowledge should fill the Christian with adoration. The whole of my life stood open to His view from the beginning. He foresaw my every fall, my every sin, my every backsliding; yet, nevertheless, fixed His heart upon me. Oh, how the realization of this should bow me in wonder and worship before Him!

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