Devotional Thought for Today – 12/14/2021

Charles Spurgeon quote: We declare, upon Scriptural authority, that the  human will is...

Romans 7:19

For I do not do the good I want, but the evil I do not want is what I keep on doing.

In context, Paul is speaking about the ever present struggle between the desire to do right(eous) acts and the our natural desires that are evil. This is far from an isolated reference in the Bible. Romans 7:15, is nearly an exact quote, Ecclesiastes 7:20, Galatians 5:17, and 1 John 1:7-8 are just a few of the others.

What do all these prove, man left of his own accord, that is separated from Christ, will always turn to evil. The question then becomes can man come to Christ on his own, will he chose Christ? Simply put, no:

“Free will without God’s grace is not free at all, but is the permanent prisoner and bondslave of evil, since it cannot turn itself to good.” Martin Luther

“Those who speak on mans free will, and insist upon his inherent power to either accept or reject the Savior, do but voice their ignorance of the real condition of Adam’s fallen children.” A.W. Pink

“Free will carried many a soul to hell, but never a soul to heaven.” Charles Spurgeon

“We believe, that the work of regeneration, conversion, sanctification and faith, is not an act of man’s free will and power, but of the mighty, efficacious and irresistible grace of God.” Charles Spurgeon

“Free-will doctrine-what does it? It magnifies man into God. It declares God’s purposes a nullity, since they cannot be carried out unless men are willing. It makes God’s will a waiting servant to the will of man, and the whole covenant of grace dependent on human action. Denying election on the ground of injustice, it holds God to be a debtor to sinners.” Charles Spurgeon

A man’s free will cannot cure him even of the toothache, or a sore finger—and yet he madly thinks it is in its power to cure his soul. – Augustus Toplady

What! Get to Heaven on your own strength? Why, you might as well try to climb to the moon on a rope of sand! – George Whitefield

Resources on the subject:

For those who want more challenging read:
Freedom of the Will (eBook) BY JONATHAN EDWARDS

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