Devotional Thought for Today – 11/25/21

CONTEXT: As always, the overall context is important for clarity in scripture. Here again, is Matthew Henry’s overview of the chapter: The apostle, having spoken in the end of the foregoing chapter concerning the resurrection, and the second coming of Christ, proceeds to speak concerning the uselessness of enquiring after the particular time of Christ’s coming, which would be sudden and terrible to the wicked, but comfortable to the saints (v. 1-5). He then exhorts them to the duties of watchfulness, sobriety, and the exercise of faith, love, and hope, as being suitable to their state (v. 6-10). In the next words he exhorts them to several duties they owed to others, or to one another (v. 11-15), afterwards to several other Christian duties of great importance (v. 16-22), and then concludes this epistle (v. 23-28).

Today in America we celebrate Thanksgiving Day. Our main text, v.18, however, makes it clear that God expects or better yet commands (will of God) us to give thanks every day in all circumstances. Just two verses previously Paul wrote Rejoice always… one can not rejoice if they are not thankful. There will always be times in the life of a true believer that seem like rejoicing and thankfulness are a lost cause, but dig deep and realize these are the times the Triune God is right there with you to see your through.

While a day of Thanksgiving is celebrated in a few other countries around the world, none compare to that of the holiday here in the US. I am of the personal opinion that this is because of the HOLY Day founding of the event. Many in the Woke/Cancel Culture idealogue of course deny this claiming a false narrative of what happened with the Pilgrims or their Christian faith.

Below I have assembled a number of articles, stories, etc. all related to Gratitude and Thanksgiving, I hope you enjoy and you and yours have a most blessed day:

*Sermon: ” Fundamental Christian Attitudes: Thankfulness”

*Being Thankful For Grace

*Gratitude: The Power to Transform

*Pilgrim Thanksgiving “God be Praised we had a Good Increase … Our Harvest being gotten in” -Pilgrim Edward Winslow

*Thanksgiving Proclamations by Washington, Jefferson, Madison, Lincoln, Roosevelt, & more 

*What the Pilgrims did for Religious Liberty

*12 ways to practice gratitude with your family this Thanksgiving

*Forget ‘Friendsgiving’: Remember to Be Grateful Today

*The God of Thanksgiving

*Abraham Lincoln’s Message to Us This Thanksgiving

*Guilt, Grace, and Gratitude

*Every Day is a Day of Thanksgiving

*Why Celebrate Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving and Squanto

*This Is How 15 Other Countries Around The World Celebrate Thanksgiving

One last thing, as you know I am not a fan of modern worship songs that repeat on and on lyrics. This one does this slightly but I thought the Chorus was pon point:

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