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Blade shearing demonstration at the New York Sheep & Wool Fair (from Sheep shearing (

Can you imagine shearing a sheep? To make it profitable, it helps to shear lots of sheep. What if the sheep object to being sheared? What if they wrestle or bite? Then it becomes more difficult to shear the sheep. Then the numbers of sheep a shearer can shear in a day goes way down.

So, it helps that sheep are docile, and that makes it possible for skilled sheep shearers to shear a thousand sheep in a day.

How is it that sheep are so docile? Well, perhaps human beings bred them to be that way. Who knows, but it doesn’t work that way with people? We the People, because we are sooooo smart, can be trained to be docile by our glorious leaders.

How does docility training work? Well, I am not one…

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