Evidence of Felony Election Fraud in Wisconsin

Okay so Joe Biden is our President. The question is, was that election fair and free of fraud? Despite what the left may claim, voter fraud in the 2020 election was a given, now we need to take action to insure it does not happen again.

Epoch Times Morning Brief

After a several months-long investigation, the sheriff of Racine County, Wisconsin, just made a televised, public presentation in which he exposed the evidence that his office was able to collect regarding possible felony violations committed by the Wisconsin Elections Commission.

Specifically, the evidence showed that absentee ballots were cast on behalf of nursing home residents who were cognitively impaired.

And furthermore, it appears that this type of nursing home election violation isn’t confined to Wisconsin alone.

Just a few weeks ago, in Michigan, three women were charged with voting fraud—and one of those women was charged with fraudulently filling out ballots in the names of nursing home residents without their permission.

SOURCE: Facts Matter (Oct. 29): Sheriff Presents Evidence of Felony Election Fraud in Wisconsin

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