Devotional Thought for Today – 10/30/21

The Ten Commandments or the Law of God Series

Thomas J. Watson Quote: “Obedience without knowledge is blind, and  knowledge without obedience is lame.”

When we ended yesterday’s devotional, we were looking at Keach’s Baptist Catechism of 1677. The final Q&A was:

49. What doth the preface to the ten commandments teach us?

The preface to the ten commandments teacheth us that because God is the Lord, and our God and redeemer, therefore we are bound to keep all his commandments. Luke 1:74, 751 Pet. 1:15-19

It is that last statement I think it important to look at today before we go on to the individual Commandments.

Historically, since Augustine, the Ten commandments have been grouped into two sections, 1-4 representing man’s duty to God and 5-10 man’s duty to fellow man. These are summed up in the whole by Christ in Matthew 22:36-40 but can be found throughout the New Testament.

So let us move on to why we are bound to keep all His commandments. For this, I will be referring to Thomas Watson’s classic The Ten Commandments

What is the DUTY which God requires of man?

Obedience to his revealed will.

It is not enough to hear God’s voice—but we must obey. Obedience is a part of the honor we owe to God. “If then I be a Father, where is my honor?” Mal 1:6. Obedience carries in it, the life-blood of religion. “Obey the Lord your God by keeping all these commands and laws that I am giving you today.” Obedience without knowledge is blind, and knowledge without obedience is lame. Rachel was fair to look upon—but, being barren, said, “Give me children, or I die!” Just so, if knowledge does not bring forth the child of obedience, it will die. “To obey is better than sacrifice.” 1 Sam 15:22. Saul thought it was enough for him to offer sacrifices, though he disobeyed God’s command; but “to obey is better than sacrifice.” God disclaims sacrifice if obedience is lacking. “I spoke not unto your fathers concerning burnt offerings—but this thing commanded I them, saying, Obey my voice.” Jer 7:22. Not but that God did enjoin those religious rites of worship; but the meaning is that he looked chiefly for obedience—without which, sacrifice was but devout folly! The end why God has given us his laws—is obedience. “You must obey all my regulations and be careful to keep my laws, for I, the Lord, am your God.” Lev 18:4. Why does a king publish an edict—but that it may be observed?

The entire Section Page 5-12a covers the above topic plus:

What is the RULE of obedience?

What are the INGREDIENTS in our obedience, which make it acceptable to God?

Why is it, that men do not obey God? They know their duty—but do it not.

What are the great arguments or incentives to obedience?

What MEANS shall we use that we may obey?

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