Lord Of My Strength ~

I like this, especially the last verse. Far to many time in modern evangelical circle I hear folks take this scripture (out of context) and run with it, think they can do anything because of Christ.

Paul here is describing the ability to endure hardship, persecution, etc. Not our ability to do anything else just because we are saved by Christ.

CHRISTian poetry ~ by deborah ann

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Lord, my strength isn’t in my bones,
for they’re too weak and frail . . .
my strength is in the knowledge
Your Spirit in me will never fail.

My strength does not come,
from anything that I can do
for, I have very little power
if it does not come from You.

Lord, my strength can’t be found,
by going to the gym or spa . . .
it shows up when I exercise
to You, my holy awe.

My strength is thin and feeble,
and sometimes I cannot stand
but, when I draw close to You
I feel the power of Your hand.

Lord, my strength doesn’t measure up,
when compared to Your own . . .
my burdens would be too heavy
if I had to carry them alone!


Philippians 4:13

I can do all things
through Christ which
strengtheneth me.


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