15 Reasons Your Soul Needs Gathered Worship, Not Just a Livestream

A follow up to yesterday’s post, adding more reasoning and Biblical truths to why Christians need to gather not just live stream whenever possible.

9Marks Ministry Book Review: Encouragement, by Mark Chanski | markchanski

By Dane Ortlund

The pandemic continues. Physical attendance in many churches remains sparse—or at least sparser than before. For various reasons, some may need to continue staying home. But other low-risk or fully vaccinated congregants seem to prefer the livestream far longer than we expected.

Amid these various circumstances and uncertainties, we need to lead our people well. Part of that means we need to remind our people of what we lose when we don’t physically gather in worship. Below, I’ve written 15 reflections on all that is lost when we choose to worship from the couch instead of the pew…

SOURCE: 15 Reasons Your Soul Needs Gathered Worship; Not Just a Livestream

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