I rarely give any credence or venue to these soothsayers and prophets of anointing spiritual healers of the mystical arts. Yet when the same message comes across my desktop three times in two days I figure God is speaking to me and asking me to warn y’all. This is one such case.

Has the Bible been corrupted, altered, edited, revised, or tampered with? |

It began with me reading an occasional followers blog that who had an interesting title for a post IS THERE AN ERROR IN THE BIBLE? It goes on to say the 1800 years ago Biblical translators made an error in translating the Word and actually ONE SINGLE WORD, and that is the result of needless suffering.

Today, I got this headline: Everyone Who Believes In God Should Watch. Blow Your Mind, This never before revealed discovery can easily be performed by anyone. Watch it before they take it down forever.

So what is this mind blowing error? Their claim is that One Word was mistranslated in 200 A.D. from the Hebrew and if it had been translated correctly needles suffering would have been eliminated for centuries. OR, in another video that the oil, from this “Formula” is great for anointing.

Here are some facts:

  • It is in the old testament, which was completely translated BEFORE Christ’s birth not 200 years after.
  • It is based upon a “LOST Healing Formula” in the Holy Word of God, yet the Bible clearly states WARNS us not to change one dot or tittle.
  • The so called “Lost Formula” is in reality Cannabis, Hemp Weed, Pot, Marijuana call it what you will.
  • Prior to 2020, NO reputable Christian or Hebrew Theologian, Archeologist, or academic whose specialty is the archaeology and paleobotany of Ancient Israel had found ANY EVIDENCE of Cannabis used in ancient Israel. Then suddenly 3 cases (archaeological digs) where reported in 2020 all in ceremonial situations.
  • The “Exodus Effect” as they call it, is so much like the “Prayer of Jabez” craze that swept through evangelical circles a few years back. Taking a portion of scripture and making a doctrine around it is wholly unbiblical. It infers that the oil (or prayer) has some supernatural power, to accomplish something, in this case healing. Biblically God alone has the power and we should petition to God Alone, without fanfare, gimmicks or other unbiblical accouterments. The only place that we are encouraged to use oil to anoint the sick is in James 5:14-15 and that duty is for Elders alone.

One note we are not talking medical marijuana here, we are speaking about straight up cannabis. Nowhere do the author(s) of the video’s make any distinction. With the ever growing number of states legalizing the use of pot, I think they are just trying to cash in on the action.

I can say with all sincerity, after review, the Exodus Effect is as bogus as it gets.

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