Devotional Thought for Today – 09/21/21

Christopher Love Covenanter Quote - Elect To Heaven - Election

John 6:39

CONTEXT: Chapter 6 is broken down by Matthew Henry as follows: In this chapter we have, I. The miracle of the loaves (v. 1-14). II. Christ’s walking upon the water (v. 15-21). III. The people’s flocking after him to Capernaum (v. 22-25). IV. His conference with them, occasioned by the miracle of the loaves, in which he reproves them for seeking carnal food, and directs them to spiritual food (v. 26, 27), showing them how they must labour for spiritual food (v. 28, 29), and what that spiritual food is (v. 30-59). V. Their discontent at what he said, and the reproof he gave them for it (v. 60-65). VI. The apostasy of many from him, and his discourse with his disciples that adhered to him upon that occasion (v. 66-71).

Our text for today is part of the teaching on Spiritual food. Jesus has fed the 5 thousand, and many are hanging around hoping for another free meal. The lesson Jesus gives in vs. 22-40 about the Bread of Life is not what they hoped for.

Even today many are disappointed with these Words. Yes, I purposely put them in red, like you would find in many Bibles, signifying that Jesus spoke them. How then can folks be disappointed with the Words of our (their claimed) Lord and Savior.

It starts in v.37 and repeats in v.39, out text All that the Father giveth me, you see God the Father GIVES those whom He has chosen before time to the Son to be saved, and secured for eternity. That is the rip, folks feel the need to interject oneself into salvation.

that of all which he hath given me, I should lose nothing;

that is, that of all the elect which were given to Christ by his Father, in eternal election, he should not lose anyone of them, not the meanest among them, nor anything of theirs, their grace, or glory, or anything belonging to them, either to their souls or bodies, and particularly the latter;

John Gill

In Gill’s comments above it is clear, can man, any man do that which Christ can do? If not why are you arguing against election?

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