How to Believe against Your Feelings

The Bible makes it abundantly clear our feelings and emotions are not to be trusted, yet so many “evangelicals” do exactly that when looking for and picking a church. I can not count the number of times I have heard someone say, ‘that service just didn’t move me‘, I feel like asking were they looking for a U-Haul or a lesson in theology?

Fighting Dissatisfaction

Some people stop believing Christianity not so much because they think it’s false but because they think it just doesn’t work. As they look around, they might begin to think that other groups or ideas or religions just work better. These groups might seem to be rich, deep, and full of life, even offering a better community, a deeper purpose, and a more compelling vision for the world. On top of this, other groups might just seem, well, more fun.

In short, people don’t always stop following Christ for intellectual reasons. Some people stop because they enjoy other things more than Jesus. To them, Christianity just isn’t satisfying anymore. So how should you deal with this important issue? Here are a few thoughts…

SOURCE: How to Believe against Your Feelings

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