From a friend in VA. Please excuse the language in the first article. The questions though are legit and concerning. If for know other reason to demonstrate the Great Divide (not Continental) this Nation has.

170 years after Sam Houston stood on the Senate floor and uttered these words “A house divided against itself cannot stand” we have learned nothing. He of course was speaking on the subject of slavery and less than a dozen years later the bloodiest war in American history began, the War Between the States.

Citizen Tom

The bird of peace altered with a not allowed sign. (from here)

The election is over, supposedly, but perhaps the battle has just begun. It would seem that the “No Justice, No Peace” crowd wants to suppress an investigation of their conduct in this election.

Too extreme a statement? Let’s see.

THE 2020 ELECTION: FUCKERY IS AFOOT (, H/T to WYLDKAT’S LAIR (, provides a review of this election’s “red flags”. That is, what indications are there that Liberal Democrats were up to no good? Note the language is okay. Don’t much care for that four letter word, but that is the extent of the vulgarity.

Is There Evidence of Election Fraud? ( uses the term “issues” instead of the expression “red flags”. Because there are so many issues and red flags, this Victory Girls post has little overlap with the Monster Hunter post.

The Victory Girls do have…

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