God Bless America

God Bless America

Earlier this week I had the humbling privilege to preach the funeral of a United States Air Force veteran. He enlisted at age 17 and died at age 88. He was a true Christian patriot who deeply loved his country.

As I stood at the head of the casket that cradled his worn out body, heard Taps played by the lone bugler, saw American veterans, at attention, holding US flags that waved in the breeze, and watched the two airmen remove the flag that draped the casket, fold it, and present it to his widow, my heart was overcome with thanksgiving and sorrow. I thanked the Lord that I was born and raised in this nation, and that men and women have fought and died to keep secure the God-given freedom that we enjoy and often take for granted here. And I grieved over the sad displays over the last several weeks of hatred for this nation by ignorant anarchists and the mobs that they have inspired to riot, murder and loot in the name of “justice.”

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