7 Reasons to Study Eschatology

I must admit this is not my forte at all. I do have a tendency to just say, we will see when it happens. Not to say I have not studied the differing views (amilinial, premillennial and postmillennial) but I would rather take a Matthew 24:36 approach and just be ready for anything. 


The church seems divided on the matter of eschatology—the study of end times (lit. last things). A silent majority would rather just wait and see and stop studying dragons and beasts for the time being, and the remainder are consumed with timelines and specific referents. Both groups wish the other would just take a few small steps in their direction.

So, how should we think about the last things?

If you are not normally interested in these end times conversations, please keep reading just for another minute. I want to propose that the reality that our Bibles have chapters and chapters (even books) dedicated to explaining the end times—beasts, dragons, and all—is a manifestation of God’s love for us. These things are not in our Bibles to confuse the church, but because God cares for her so…


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