The Sweet Summons of Repentance

AMERICA is in dire need of repentance; individually and as a nation.

 Ps 9:17 (AMP) The wicked will turn to Sheol (the nether world, the place of the dead), Even all the nations who forget God. 

“Repent” is a call to enjoy the glory of God for all of eternity

The Master's Seminary Blog

The Sweet Summons of Repentance

by Jeremy Peters | Jun 30, 2020

“Repent.” What tone of voice comes to mind when you read that word? What facial expressions do you imagine? What demeanor do you sense?

Some view the message of repentance as harsh or unkind. Perhaps they picture angry men with signs reading Turn or Burn shouting from street corners and university campuses. And sadly, such a reputation isn’t entirely unwarranted. There are modern, self-named street preachers and apocalyptic prophets who wear harshness as a badge of honor. Their tone and volume communicate hatred and condemnation…



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