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June 10, 2019 by directorfsm

Matthew Henrey’s Concise Commentary on Mark 10:1-12

Wherever Jesus was, the people flocked after him in crowds, and he taught them. Preaching was Christ’s constant practice. He here shows that the reason why Moses’ law allowed divorce, was such that they ought not to use the permission; it was only for the hardness of their hearts. God himself joined man and wife together; he has fitted them to be comforts and helps for each other. The bond which God has tied, is not to be lightly untied. Let those who are for putting away their wives consider what would become of themselves, if God should deal with them in like manner.

The Abuse Expose' with Secret Angel

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seems rampant in marriages today…
for many get “bored”…
and their hearts then stray.
And divorce is so easy…
like throwing in a towel or two…
even after years of marriage…
like trading the old in for new.
But marriage is a commitment…

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