Called to be Holy

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April 26, 2019 by directorfsm

vs.13 Prepare your minds, being sober minded (serious) about Godly matters

vs.14 Be like obedient children and stay away from former worldly temptations

vs.15 God is Holy, He is your example for you to be holy too

vs 16 He has called us to be Holy

vs. 17 When you stand before Him, stand in awe of He who saves,

vs. 18-19 He redeemed us with a high cost, the Blood of His Son

vs. 20-25 This was God’s plan from the beginning before the foundations of the earth were formed.

“1 Peter 1:13–25 describes how Christians—those God has caused to be born again—should live now. We must mentally engage in setting all of our hope in God’s future grace for us. We must choose to act as those who are God’s own people, rejecting the evil desires that drove our actions before we knew better. Our choices matter. Our God placed a high value on our lives, paying for them with the blood of Christ. Since God has made us able, we must now strive to earnestly give love to each other.”


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