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March 29, 2019 by directorfsm

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We cannot begin to understand this verse without first looking back what preceded it. All the way back to v.4 we see a list of Biblical men who lived their lives by Faith in God. They not only obeyed God, they were faithful to Him. There is a difference folks. Many people today are obediently going to church every Sunday but not faithful in all things (maybe it their Tithes and offerings or some hidden sin) to God. 

These men and women in Chapter 11 did not see the fulfillment of all of God’s promises in their lifetimes but their faithfulness pleased God so, He was not ashamed of them and has prepared an even greater home for them.

Alexander MacLaren has in my humble opinion a great commentary on this verse it starts like this:

“These are bold words. They tell us that unless God has provided a future condition of social blessedness for those whom He calls His, their life’s experience on earth is a blot on His character and administration. He needs heaven for His vindication. The preparation of the City is the reason why He is not ‘ashamed to be called their God.’ If there were not such a preparation, He had need to be ashamed”… 

I would encourage you to read the rest here: MacLaren Heb 11:16




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