Loving in Disagreement

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August 27, 2018 by directorfsm

In today’s socially toxic and highly publicized world it seems the divide between opinions and friends on issues grows greater by the day. Sad commentary is this is happening more and more in “Christian” circles.

Hard Times Ministries

When speaking of Godly love it often comes to mind we are speaking of harmony and agreement.  At least we are more or least taught as such for we are always seeking cooperation, unity and oneness.

And as much as on the surface this seems to represent agape well enough I think a greater love the type more often encountered is the love yet a love while in disagreement.

Truly, anyone can love something or someone that agrees.  This is natural and human enough:  but with Jesus we are to go beyond human, enter the spiritual realm and love Godly and supernaturally if you will.

The task presented before us here is that we disagree and yet still love our mate or our brother or sister or stranger: no matter that they represent views or behavior so much differently than our own.

As foreign as a concept that this might…

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