Where was Jesus on the issue of the Social Gospel?

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July 16, 2018 by directorfsm

Oh, this is a good one for sure and an issue bound to cause some Christians to cringe.

And while this post is not a position against social justice, I do assert that the message of Jesus was not about social issues at all. The message of Jesus was about SALVATION.

Continued at source  Where was Jesus on the issue of the Social Gospel?

Here is my comment to this article: As you already know from my previous post on this subject we are in complete agreement. The further we have moved (my opinion) from the Regulative Principle of Worship to more modern day its all about making self feel something we have become a society driven by this social gospel. At the same time (I am sure you will agree) we are not in any way advocating for Christians to turn their backs on those in need (Good Samaritan, Love thy neighbor, etc.)

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