The Validity & Value of Confessions

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January 10, 2018 by directorfsm

This past fall while serving in Houston; I was asked about our church holding to the Regulative Principles of Worship and the 2LBC of 1689.  I posted on the RPW in December and here is a very good article on why churches (and individuals) should adopt confessions. – Mike

January 9, 2018 robertgonzalesjr 

The tensions were high. In June of 1922, the Northern Baptist Convention convened under the theme, “Agreed to Differ, but Resolved to Love.” One might dispute whether the resolution was successfully carried out. But no one will debate that they “agreed to differ.” The tensions were high.

Perhaps one of the sharpest differences came to a head when William Bell Riley motioned that the Convention adopt the New Hampshire Confession of Faith as its doctrinal standard. Riley was the pastor of First Baptist Church of Minneapolis, and he represented the Fundamentalists who were concerned to stem the rising tide of modernism among the churches. Not surprisingly, Riley’s motion was challenged with a substitute motion from Cornelius Woelfkin, pastor of Park Avenue Baptist, New York. Woelfkin replied that “the New Testament is the all-sufficient ground of our faith and practice, and we need no other statement.”1

If you were there and had to take sides, which side would you have taken? Would you have agreed with the position that said in essence, “No creed but the New Testament”? Or would have voted with Riley to adopt a confession of faith?

In the article below, I’d like to try to help you answer that question; I’ll begin by defining creeds and confessions. Then I’ll argue for their legitimacy and usefulness…

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