The Regulative Principle of Worship

Today more than ever “Worship” seems to take on different meanings depending on which church you happen to be in. The question though is that biblically correct? I mean after all should we, as believing Christians, hold to a standard of worship; and if so what standard?

Once again one need only turn to God for the answer. He has provided this answer like all others in His written Word.  1 “The Regulative principle of worship in Christian theology teaches that the public worship of God should include those and only those elements that are instituted, commanded, or appointed by command or example in the Bible. In other words, it is the belief that God institutes in Scripture whatever he requires for worship in the Church, and everything else should be avoided. The Regulative Principle of Worship is not simply a matter of methodology, but of theology.

The “regulative principle” is often contrasted with the normative principle of worship, which teaches that whatever is not prohibited in Scripture is permitted in worship, so long as it is agreeable to the peace and unity of the Church.”

I hope you can see the contrast and the difficulties both principles could have. The Regulative can be (and is in some churches) interpreted in such a strict manner they almost add to scripture. While many of those in the normative have an anything goes attitude and head quickly in the opposite direction forgetting god’s written directions all together.  – Mike

The link below is to a summary of John Owen on the regulative principle ENJOY



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