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October 7, 2012 by directorfsm

FSM/FSMWO Special Prayer
Requests Weeks of
07-20 Oct 2012


 None reported this past two weeks but I doubt god was on vacation. More likely we did not recognize His grace and mercy in our lives.


 Dan asks for prayers for Peter that he will endure life’s challenges and draw closer to God. Also pray for healing of Dan’s wrist.

 Pray for the three upcoming weddings in our local churches. May each union be Christ centered.

 Pray for our Pastor Steve Graham as he arrives in Russia (Vladivostok) today for a 4 week stay. May God use him mightily there.

 Pray for good friends Dave and Fran as they start a new business venture together.

 Please pray for Renee and family upon the passing of her son.

 Continued healing prayers for:

Kathy D. undergoing Chemo for Breast Cancer

Lazslo P. for cancer

Shelia W. diabetes related issues

Bob and Vickie B. Multiple Scoliosis

Rich B. recovering (near 2 years) from heart surgery

Galindi (sp?) cancer of the mouth

 Naida and I: That our house will sell soon.  I am leaving for Lakeshore MS on Oct 13th and not returning until just before Thanksgiving. This process will repeat until our house sells. Not the best arrangement but a step of Faith that this is what God would have us do.

 Employment for; Iva, Marie, Jessica, Mike, Tom and others in our church

 Fellow Ministries
Mbeya Prison Ministry
Box 3083, Mbeya Tanzania
Samuel Mwakasungula

 Weekly Prayer Report Prison Fellowship invites you to join us in praying for the work being done in prisons throughout the country, and for the lives being touched by this ministry. This week, please pray:

 for the Operation Starting Line event at the Estes Pre-Release Center in Venus, Texas, this Saturday.

 for Don and Annie Fuller and Patricia Lucas leading a new Prison Fellowship Bible study at Arizona State Prison – Kingman.

for worship team leaders at Stateville Correctional Center in Illinois to bring hope and clearly share the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to thirsty men who are the work force for the maximum-security prison.

for God to help our Justice Fellowship staff to expand our network to all 50 states.

for the first ever Spanish-language program of the Urban Ministry Institute (TUMI) in California, which launched this past month.



Wells of Hope Village School

Wells of Hope Academy, Uganda:

 Please stand with us in prayer, ask Believers to seek God on our behalf; We have an urgent prayer request: we have a security problem at the school for the Children of Prisoners at Hope Village, there is a spate of insecurity in the area, there are people who move around the village attacking and hacking locals. They come in big groups, attack a a homestead and dig up the walls and hack people with machetes, they suck blood for human sacrifice/evil worship and may take property to pretend that they are thieves, before all this they sedate victims with chloroform to make them sleep. To enhance security we need to build a fence urgently and put a gate, fire alarm system, the cost for this is USD 2040 we also need to hire a local guard, this costs USD 85 per month and also in the very long run Electricity supply for night lighting the cost for this is USD 4615 to include the wiring. At the moment we are depending on prayers entirely, all residents are threatened and people sleep outside guarding themselves. We live in fear, and we fear for the children. We have contacted government for help, but they seem not to have adequate man power and there is a lot of bureaucracy .On Monday, we hope to meet a top police chief.

See this news clip Thank you for standing with us in prayer all the time, Francis Ssuubi

 You can contribute or follow the building progress on facebook, at or Website:


T.F.O.N.Z  (True Freedom Outreach New Zealand) NEWS  FLASH,  5th October, 2012:


ITEM  1:     Tina   Geraldine is back in Uganda.  Let us all thank God for this good news.  At last, after the long ordeal she had waiting in the police station in Maadi, her papers were completed by the Neyaba (the Court), and she flew to Uganda on Sunday, 30th September.  Poncet’s email of September 29th gave me the news that she was expected to travel last Sunday, but I only heard today, from Eva Schmitz, that she had done so.  Hence this News Flash.

Eva wrote on Oct. 5th:  “I talked to Tina Geraldine for quite a while yesterday on the phone; we were both so excited to hear each other’s voice.  She says the time for coming home was perfectly planned by God, everything went so well.  Egypt  Air did not charge for any extra luggage, and she had 68 kilos!!  Her sister picked her up in Kampala Airport.  Geraldine has had calls from all over the world – her sisters and brothers in USA and England, her son and daughter in England, everyone  wanted to welcome her home.  She called priest Achilles on the first morning after her arrival, and he emailed me and Poncet to say she had arrived safely.”

 ITEM  2:     Yvette and Berry Makassa –  imprisoned so long in Kanater as refugees – have been released and have travelled to Norway.  They left on Wednesday, 26th September.  Do pray for them as they learn yet another language and begin a new life there.  I was so impressed to know that Berry had been learning English, and had a ministry sharing the Scriptures in his limited English among the other immigrants in KMP.  Pray for those who were touched by Berry’s ministry to the illegal migrants, that they may carry it on themselves.

 ITEM 3:     The hunger strike in KMP, of which I wrote in the last newsletter, has been called off for a time.  In 2 emails from Poncet, on 13 and 22 Sept, I learned the following: 

  • The hunger strike started on Saturday, 15th Sept, by 18 people, most from Arab countries, all of whom had completed 20 years of their sentence.
  • Yusuf had not begun his hunger strike, as he needed to complete some important papers.  He did say that when he began, he would carry on until a solution was found.
  • Ganiyu said there is now a new Director for KMP.  The former one asked for all the names of the prisoners who had completed 20 years in prison, and he will submit that list to the high authorities.  A delegation visited the prison on 13th September, especially for their case.  Ganiyu said that maybe the President would grant their freedom on 6th October (a day of celebration in Egypt).  The Director asked the prisoners to halt their hunger strike until they see what eventuates from his contacting the high authorities, and they are doing this. Please pray for them all.

 ITEM 4:     Eva Schmitz  will be back in Egypt in December with her husband for 2 weeks, and she will be trying to meet with people who can help her in a new project she is responsible for: World Prayer Day, 2014, which is to be prepared and carried out by Egypt.  Please pray for the right contacts.

 ITEM  5:     Just to update all of you on Lloyd Freeth’s address, slightly changed, and his new phone number:

 Mr. L. Freeth,  Bethanie Fields ACF, 111 Eaton Drive,  Eaton  WA 6232, Australia.

Telephone:   ( AUSTRALIA)   8  9724  4685

 I am so thankful to be able to pass on such good news.  I am also sending the updated list of the women in KWP, (EMAIL ME (OR FSM/FSMWO) IF YOU WANT COPY) with all the details that were not included in the previous one.  Please note the birthdays that come in October – December.

God bless you all, and fill you with his joy. Let us pray on for our brothers and sisters in KMP and KWP.

 Love in Christ Jesus,

Jeanette Grimmer

(Address:  154 State Highway1, R.D. 1, Warkworth 0981,  NEW ZEALAND) e-mail:


Wells of Salvation

– African Mission, founded by Jamie and Tracey Wackerberth to bring fresh water and the Gospel to Africa

PO Box 4011 East Otis, MA 01029-4011 By Phone: 413-875-2210

By Email:



 Special Projects:

 Please Pray for the 2012 – 2013 ARBCA Special Projects.   The goal is to raise a total of $15,000.00 for two projects.  A request from the Trinity Reformed Baptist Church in Kirkland, WA for the ministry in Cuba is for $10,000 and a request from the Faith Reformed Baptist Church in Media, PA for $5,000 is to help the publishing efforts of Injili Bible Church and the Reformed Baptist Movement in Kenya.  You may contact the ARBCA office for further details.

 Note from Leonardo Dechirico in Italy regarding one of the Special Projects from 2011:

 I just wanted to inform you that the publishing project of the 1689 Confession of Faith, plus Dr Malone’s study guide, plus Spurgeon’s Catechism is in its final stage of preparation. The Introduction was written and it will be finalized at the next Company of Elders that will take place on Oct 19-20. We hope to have the book in print by the end of 2012.

 As things will move forward I will inform you. Thank you for your support to this important project for us!

 In Christ Jesus


 From Berean Baptist Church in Austell, GA

 Rejoice with us!  After more than three years without a plurality of elders the Lord has mercifully added a second overseer to our local church.  David Harris, Sr. was installed as a tent-making elder during our Lord’s Day morning worship service on September 30th.  Pastor David brings more than 8 years of vocational pastoral experience to the table.  He was examined by an ordination council composed of five pastors from four ARBCA churches here in Georgia who unanimously approved his fitness for office.  The saints of Berean Church also gave their unanimous approval about five weeks later.  We have prayed for many years that the Lord would give us a plurality of qualified elders. Please join us now in giving thanks to the Lord that He has heard and answered our prayers!

 Your co-laborers in the gospel,

Pastor Jerry Slate: Pastor David Harris:

 From Miller Valley Baptist Church in Prescott, Arizona

 To our Sister Churches,

 May God bless and keep you. May your hearts be ever renewed with the joy of your salvation. May you never cease to rejoice that our savior lives.

 I echo the sentiment of so many others who write these letters when I say we are rejoicing in God’s providence while our hearts yet ache for a fallen world. “Even so, Lord Jesus, come quickly.” We have had many ups and downs over the year, but our God is sovereign and faithful to those who love and serve him.

 We seem to be slowly growing in numbers, but sometimes it is hard to maintain perspective when those who have been with us so long sever ties. Please pray for us in this, as it has been our status quo for so long, losing a few and gaining a few. God’s pruning shears have been often upon this plant, but we trust that we are the better for it.

 On a brighter note, God has opened some unexpected doors and answered prayers. As we have been praying for opportunities to reach out into our community, a sister church (SBC) contacted us about an outreach they were involved in. Two churches had purchased land, planted a garden, and were giving away vegetables as an opportunity to minister in lean financial times. We served as a giveaway point every other Saturday for two months. While this did not prompt any to attend as of yet, we did have a few opportunities to share the gospel and pray with people.

 Please continue to pray for us, that we would be useful, sharp, clean instruments in the hands of the redeemer. We are eager to serve, and we are anxious to see sinners saved. Let us labor, brothers, while it is yet day, for night is coming when no man can work.

 From, through, and for Him,

Pastor Chris J. Marley on the behalf of Miller Valley Baptist

 From Grace Baptist Church in Commerce, Georgia

 We persevere in prayer and the ministry of God’s word and it is not chained. Our progress seems slow, but we seek to live in conscious communion with God and lead our people in the same experience of the reality of God in their lives, families, and our church family.

 Please pray for me that I keep my soul close to God and bring a sense of God to our people in preaching and in pastoral care. Please pray for Danny Chandler, Scott Phillips, and Flave Davis who show signs of pastoral gifts as we seek to train them to be faithful and able shepherds of people’s souls. And pray for our church family that together we might become more well established and make God’s name great among the nations.

 Seeking to be faithful together with you,

 Murray Brett, pastor
Grace Baptist Church, Commerce, GA

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