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September 23, 2012 by directorfsm

FSM/FSMWO Special Prayer

Requests Weeks of

23rd Sep – 07 Oct 2012


  Kathy D. who had her first round of Chemo, this past Friday, so far no bad side effects and many opportunities to share Christ.


 Eddie N. asks for prayer for all those still incarcerated who seem feel there is no hope. We know that Christ gives the hope they seek. (NOTEX! Eddie did not ask but we happen to know he spent 3 days in a VA hospital recently so keep him in prayer too)

 Caleb V. that he would return to church and fellowship.

 Shelia W. asks for prayer for her niece who suffers from mental health issues and is homeless. (Also pray for Shelia’s health issues)

 Becky S. asks for prayers for Shannon and her husband. She is a believer and he is not, but he did come to church recently.

 Dahlas F. requests prayers for a classmate named Krista.

 Mark S. asks for prayers for his brother’s rehab. That he will not relapse again.

 Naida and I; that our house will sell soon. I am leaving for Lakeshore MS on Oct 13th and not returning until just before Thanksgiving. This process will repeat until our house sells. Not the best arrangement but a step of Faith that this is what God would have us do.

 Employment for; Marie, Jessica, Mike, Tom and others in our church.

 Fellow Ministries

The Least of These Prison Ministries

Rick and Lynne Vincent
  c/o Lighthouse Baptist Church
 811 Market St.
 Gloucester City, NJ 08030

Weekly Prayer Report Prison Fellowship invites you to join us in praying for the work being done in prisons throughout the country, and for the lives being touched by this ministry. This week, please pray:

for volunteers and prisoners impacted by cell by cell visits at Pontiac Correctional Center- a maximum security segregation prison in Illinois.

for the in-prison team at Metropolitan Correctional Center – Chicago participating in three church services this Sunday

for God to increase the scale and scope of His ministry through hundreds of thousands of His servants across the nation. Pray hard for open hearts and surrendered lives to Christ.

that God would enable Justice Fellowship staff to be salt and light as they interact with leaders, those found both inside and outside government halls.

for God’s grace and reality to be demonstrated through the InnerChange Freedom Initiative staff to those inmates participating in the program.

What’s Your Prison?

by Jim Liske|September 21, 2012

It’s so easy to think of ourselves as superior to those who have been incarcerated. When I was a pastor, I would often remind my fellow believers that we are all recovering from something and re-entering from somewhere. The addict and the ex-offender are not at all different from us. We are all recovering from an addiction, whether it’s food, work, gossip, sex, attention, television, caffeine, or (fill in the blank with your addiction). Everyone has a crutch. Everyone practices idolatry. We all have depended on something more than we have depended on God. Looking at the topic from another angle, we are all re-entering from a “prison” of some type. What has trapped you? Greed? Pride? An unhealthy relationship? Everyone has looked at the world through their own personal set of bars, and it’s only by God’s grace that we have been freed to live a whole and healthy life. In reality, Jesus frees us from a jail cell every day, and every morning His grace is renewed. When we meet a man or a woman at the gate of a literal prison on the day their sentence ends, we are meeting a brother or sister who has been redeemed – just like you and me. This truth fills me with excitement, and I hope it does the same for you. Because if the Gospel is really true for everyone, than anyone – including the prisoners taking seminary-level courses through Prison Fellowship’s TUMI program – can become part of God’s plan to redeem the world for His glory.

Wells of Hope Academy, Uganda:

 Brian Muhindo 5 years was knocked down by a motorcycle (Boda Boda) as he was crossing the road l. His right leg broke in the femur (thigh bone) he was admitted in Kasese Hospital for some days, and has been discharged but has not healed, the leg is bandages, and pus and blood ouzes out, although the boy does not seem to be in pain. They say they could not afford medical fees so thay were discharged so soon.

They stay in a mud and wattle house, although it has iron sheets, but the surroundings are similar to those of a slum, with heavy congestion. They are under the care of their mother a peasant and casual labourer. This boy needs urgent medical attention or else the leg will rot. His father is serving a long term in prison. He has never seen his father.  

You can contribute or follow the building progress on facebook, at or Website:


CPT Patrick Joyner and family, Navy Chaplain to USMC -The Joyner family includes seven children, William – 17 yrs, Audrey – 15 yrs, Jordan – 15 yrs, Maggie – 12 yrs, Noah – 10 yrs, LaurelAnna – 6 yrs, and Mary M’Cheyne – 4 yrs.

 P.S. Joyner, CPT, CHC, USN
 2nd Recruit Training Battalion  “Through God we will do valiantly…” Psalm 108:13

From Chris Powell, ARBCA National Pastor in Toronto, Canada

 The Toronto district school board has raised fees for churches meeting in their buildings by between 500% and 800%.  Other non-profits can meet at regular rates but religious groups are being forced to pay more.  

 I would ask that we pray about this.  This directly affects the only PCA church in the city as well as a Sovereign Grace Baptist church plant (I know both pastors personally).  The government is making it extremely difficult for churches to worship in the city if they don’t own their own buildings.  Recently, churches have been dropped from the zoning by-law.  This has a very negative impact on our ability to extend the Gospel to a city of 2.6 million people (and 5.5+ in the Greater Toronto area).  

Lord willing I am scheduled to speak (very briefly – I get about 2 minutes) on October 10th at a community council meeting in Toronto on the issue of worship space in the city as our old landlord church has asked for me to speak about their application for a re-zoning.   I get to speak about the lack of worship space in the city.

 Please also  pray that Covenant Baptist will be able to continue to lease their space in a private church building in 2013 when their contract comes up for renewal.

 Chris Powell, ARBCA National Pastor in Toronto, Canada

 From Trinity Baptist Church in Baton Rouge, LA regarding Rob Shelby who was injured in a swimming accident

 Dear Friends,

 It has been a while since I sent out an update on the progress of Pastor Rob. He is continuing to adjust to being home. An occupational therapist has been coming to their home. One of our members is currently remodeling their master bathroom and shower to make it handicap accessible. He hasn’t yet returned to the church so we are still unclear as to the changes we’ll need to make. The first Jambalaya fundraiser was a huge success and the second is still in the planning stage—it will take place in late October. Their bus is still being repaired. Below I’ve pasted an update from Amy Shelby and some particular prayer requests.


 Pastor Dale Crawford
Trinity Baptist Church, Baton Rouge

 From Amy

 Life has been full and busy. Lots of adjustments and changes since Rob’s accident. We are so thankful for all of the notes, prayers, financial blessings, meals, etc from people all over the world. It has been overwhelming to see the Lord work through His people for His people. Our Father continues to provide and amazes us. We are experiencing something that we would have never had the opportunity to experience had Rob not had this accident.

 We’ve been home together for about 3 weeks now. Still trying to get in a new routine with all that is required to care for Rob along with normal family requirements. Things are getting a little easier or at least more familiar. So many things that go along with a injury to his extent. Also, still waiting on transportation.

 Rob is getting stronger each and every day with the muscles that he was able to keep in his shoulders and biceps. Even though he doesn’t have the use of his hands or fingers, he has found ways to manage different task such as feeding himself and getting around on the computer with the help of some little devices. He continues to work to build his daily endurance being up and sitting in the wheel chair.

 The children are very helpful especially the bigger boys. They help get him dressed in the morning by putting on his socks and shoes and helping him to put on his shirt. They rotate being the ones getting up and in his wheelchair throughout the day. This has been a blessing and a great help so I can get into the kitchen to work on breakfast/our morning routine.

 Once again, I want to express our thankfulness to everyone who has and is praying for our family, have sent words of encouragement, have sent or given financially to our family, and those who have provided or who are providing meals for our families. All of these things have been a great blessing to our family. The Lord has brought some very special people into our lives that we may have never met otherwise.

For those of you who have provided financially for our family, I wanted to list some of the things that this has been or is being used to bless our family:

 1. Gas back and forth from Baton Rouge to New Orleans
2. Parking while in New Orleans
3. Food for all of us while living between two places when Rob was in the hospital
4. Medical bills
5. Transportation for Rob and our family
6. Medical equipment that is not being covered by insurance
7. Remodeling/home modifications of our master bath to make it handicap accessible for Rob
8. Co-pays for all of his therapies
9. Future expenses that will continue to come our way due to this injury

 I can’t express the gratitude that our hearts feel for all of you! Thank you so much for praying and loving on our family!!!!!

 Some prayer requests:

1. Continue to pray for Rob’s strength and healing
2. Pray that his pressure sore would continue to heal. It is looking much better.
3. Pray for our family as we continue get into our “new” normal. Also, that when we add school to our routine things would go smoothly.
4. Pray that the Lord would continue to show himself through our family and that He would continue to receive all of the praise and glory through this journey that He has purposed for us to walk.
5. Pray for baby girl Shelby and this pregnancy. Everything is going well.
6. Pray for our transportation situation.
7. Pray for some of the insurance issues we are dealing with and some kinks that we are facing.
8. Pray for me as I continue to care for Rob, the children, and all of the additional and regular daily tasks. Help me not to murmur or complain but to do it lovingly. May the Lord grant me strength to be a godly wife and mother each day! Thankful that even when I fail, He is there, grants me forgiveness, and a new day to try again.


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