Bi-Weekly Prayer List

FSM/FSMWO Special Prayer

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Aug 26th – Sep 8th 2012


Amanda B. while attending Pine Brook Christian camp, shared the Gospel with a camper and the young girl asked Christ to be her Lord and Savior,

Kathy D. our church secretary, the surgery seems to have been a success she is waiting for one more test result and then the Chemo/Radiation treatments.

They got the job, Bill P finally has a job after many months of prayer and Dan C. got switched from temp to permanent at his work.

Gladys, one of our church neighbors is recovered and back to work after many months of physical therapy.

Wells of Hope Academy, Uganda: Thank you for your prayers. Praise God a friend has donated to supply us school desks. God is good, we now need prayer for Beds, Electricity supply, clean water, plastering of walls, gutters, water tank, doors, fire safety and windows for the classes.

Francis Ssuubi

You can contribute or follow the building progress on facebook, at or Website:


Please pray for Paul C. and his family upon the passing of his mother. Paul is questioning why God would take his mother now.

Alyssa M. Rarick (a Rebuild Lakeshore friend) my Mom received the results of the tests done on the section of her colon. The blockage of her colon was a tumor; which was taken out during my Mom’s surgery last week. One of the doctors, who performed the surgery, told my Mom and Dad that they believed the cancer was contained in the tumor taken from her colon. However, the doctor still wants my Mom to see a Cancer Doctor. Now, we are waiting to hear when she is to see the Cancer Doctor. Please keep her in prayer.

Please pray for all those involved in this year’s Youth Rally. Much planning and work goes into making this special night a reality.

Please pray for those with Illnesses and Injuries: Devon a little boy with cancer, Jen L. who is having a very difficult pregnancy, Rich Brown, Shelia Walsh, Ben L., Bob and Vickie, Laszlo P. and many more.

Please pray for Ashley G., Jessica R., Sara M, Tom D.  and others seeking full time employment

Ronald Lecuyer asks Continue to pray for the people of Haiti, latest reports are of very bad damage and possible loss of life.

Fellow Ministries
The Myers, Rick and Eva
Freedom Ministries,
PO Box 1687
Elizabethtown, KY  42702-1687

Pen-Pal and Prayer ministry to the incarcerated.

Weekly Prayer Report Prison Fellowship invites you to join us in praying for the work being done in prisons throughout the country, and for the lives being touched by this ministry. This week, please pray:

for God to develop His people and instill a desire to serve, helping us all to manage our affairs diligently.

for the seminar happening this weekend at the Fort Grant unit of the Arizona State Prison Complex, Safford.

for the weekly Bible studies on Thursdays at Avenal State Prison & Substance Abuse Treatment Facility in Corcoran, California.

that inmates trained through the IFI and TUMI programs will be bold, confident ministers of the Gospel whether in prison or in the community.

for the men in the Malachi Dads program in Glades Correctional Institute in Florida to be forever changed by the Gospel, and that their children would truly be reconciled to God and their dads.


Please pray for financial and spiritual support for The Harmon’s missionaries in, Puerto Rico for 18 years. They have a new address:

Rev. and Mrs. Jerry Harmon
Urb. Grand Palm I
24 Calle Palm Blvd.
Vega Baja, PR  00692

From Bible Fellowship of Greentown, Pennsylvania

Greetings from some of your Brothers in the Poconoes.

Many in our congregation are beyond mid-life, and are currently wrestling with patiently attending to the needs of their own frail and dying parents. Some of those parents are believers, many are not. But the reality of decay and the difficult last years of life are a reality which is never far from our people. Please pray for our faithful endurance through every hardship of life.

Our local towns are filled with weak and liberal denominational churches, with no small proportion of the locals (many who are only present in warm months) claiming a disinterested affiliation with Rome. Those challenges rest heavy upon us. But furthermore, we are burdened for the many locals whose drug/alcohol background has silenced their conscience and at times stolen away even the civility of neighborly interaction. We must find a way into the lives of these families to give them the hope of the glory of Christ. Please pray toward that end.

Just as many of you, we too at times can feel like an isolated small church with the attendant loneliness and insulatedness which can work to block bigger vistas of what God is doing. Pray that we would not become a dull, lazy body too focused on habit divorced from true spiritual zeal and eagerness for holiness and service. We want to be alive with the things of God. Pray for increased faith, and godly perspectives.

Lastly, we give abundant thanks for a couple recent reports of conversions! We will be spending time with those individuals to help them discern the Lord’s work of Grace. I bemoan the fact of how easily we can be skeptical about sudden professions of faith and almost cynical when we hear of several popping up in one place, but I take genuine joy in the fact that these individuals are dialoguing with me about the things of God on a level they had not done before. I look forward to waiting and seeing the Lord Jesus prospering those conversations in his hand—in his timing—for we know our work is not in vain. Pray we may be bold and faithful in speaking God’s truth in these conversations, as is right that we should.

We are thankful for you all, and we remember you often.

On behalf of the saints of Bible Fellowship Church of Greentown, along with the elders,

Pastor Jeremy Mendenhall

From Cornerstone Chapel in Bristol, Tennessee

Dear Friends,

     I want to echo what so many of you express in your updates:  I count it a joy and privilege to be among the churches of ARBCA, to pray for you, and to be reminded of your prayers for us.  In addition, the times of fellowship and renewal of friendships at the annual General Assembly are a great blessing (Thanks, again, to the folks at Pioneer Valley!).  Thanks be to God through our Lord Jesus Christ.

  A Request:  If any of you have recommendations for training materials or have developed your own regarding the diaconate ministry, I would grateful for your contributions, suggestions, and input.  Thanks for your assistance!

     Another sadness to our church in the last few months is due to the departure of two regularly attending families.  In both cases, the issue of church membership proved to be, for whatever reasons, irreconcilable.  Both families had been attending for quite some time, yet were unwilling to commit to membership, a situation that I/we regard as spiritually unhealthy.  We have not abandoned all hope of their return, but it does seem unlikely at this time.  Once again, to counter the sense of loss and sorrow over these departures, the Lord continues to bring a regular stream of visitors to us as well as to bring other regular attendees nearer to membership.  Please continue to pray for the Lord to build His church here as He is pleased.

     I have just recently started to preach through what I initially intended to limit to the first eleven chapters of Genesis.  My preparatory studies for this have inclined me to continue through the whole book, but for now, having preached a few introductory messages to the book, I am preaching a series of messages from chapter 1.  Your prayers for faithfulness in this task are greatly appreciated.

For the glory of God alone,

Randy McReynolds, Pastor

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