FSM/FSMWO Bi-Weekly Prayer List

FSM/FSMWO Special Prayer

Requests Weeks of

Jul 29th – Aug 11th 2012


Please pray for Dan Cathy and the Chick-fil-A family as they are being the unduly persecuted and discriminated against for their “biblical” beliefs. “We are a family-owned business, a family-led business, and we are married to our first wives,” Cathy said. The chain, according to the report, has 1,608 restaurants, sales of more than $4 billion and employees who are trained “to focus on values rooted in the Bible.” Chick-fil-A’s across the country shut down on Sundays. “We don’t claim to be a Christian business,” Cathy said. “But as an organization we can operate on biblical principles.”

            Maybe the mayors of Boston, Chicago and the like would prefer companies with no principles to operate in their cities?

 Please pray for the church members and pastor in Mississippi who deemed it inappropriate to marry a Black couple in their church recently.

 Please pray for our friend Stephen Fuzzy Brown of So Blessed Ministries as he recovers from a heart attack.

 Please pray for Jose Matos of Set Free Prison Ministries, as he continues to deal with liver failure. He is on the donor list with two hospitals. Pray God would grant his strength to endure.

 Please pray for Helen Speer as she continues to recover from her stroke.

Please pray for our (Mike & Naida’s) neighbor Kathleen who is recovering from emergency colostomy surgery

Please pray for Shelia W. as she is in rehab hospital again dealing with imbalance issues.

 Please pray for Ashley, Bill P., Jessica and others seeking full time employment


Please continue to pray for Naida and I as we continue to pursue moving to MS as domestic missionaries.

As a first step of faith we listed our house for sale and are praying God will bring a buyer quickly.

From our ARBCA Friends

Update on Pastor Rob Shelby:

Pastor Rob is experiencing a complication in his rehab. He has developed a blood clot in his leg and they have confined him to bed for 48 hours while they increase his blood thinners in an attempt to dissolve it. Pray that God will dissolve the clot and protect him from the dangers associated with it.

The Shelby kids are scheduled to return to Baton Rouge on Friday. This will create new challenges for Amy as she balances her responsibilities as mother and wife with many trips back and forth from Baton Rouge to New Orleans. A relative has graciously provided her an apartment not far from the hospital. Although it is only one bedroom it will provide a place for her and the children when they are in New Orleans.

You may access updates from the Trinity Baptist Church website which has a link to Amy Shelby’s site.


Pastor Dale Crawford

Trinity Baptist Church, Baton Rouge


From Church Plant, Emmanuel RBC, Georgetown, TX

The third worship service of Emmanuel RBC of Georgetown, Texas was yesterday, July 22.  Steve Garrick from Heritage Baptist in Mansfield and Bob Curley from Sovereign Grace Baptist in Ontario, Cal. are the church planters.  There were 47 people in attendance! Twenty-five (25) were first time visitors.  Of those 25, 6 were from out of town; but, 19 were from the local community.  We thank God for doing His work in planting this church and for answering all the prayers for the success of the gospel and the honoring of God through this new church start.  We ask all of you to please continue praying fervently for the Lord Jesus to continue the amazing work He has done so far in this great New Testament evangelistic mission. 

In Christ, Pastor Steve Sovereign Grace Baptist Church www.sgbc-ontario.us

From Grace Bible Church in Catawissa, Pennsylvania

As I write this ARBCA update, I am reminded of God’s providence. First, I know that the brethren read these letters and truly pray for the churches in the association. Second, this is the seventh year of my writing these letters as pastor of GBC.  As I write, we the saints at GBC are preparing for our Vacation Bible School that starts today. In past years we had received up to 70 children from the church and community, and we are eager to see what the Lord has in store for us this year.

GBC is a rural church, and our pleasant church building is off the beaten path. Without an active evangelical leadership and faithfully working congregation, a church in our environment will find growth difficult. A core number of our members work extremely hard in Great Commission work. During this summer, our attendance has been down, especially in our Sunday School and Sunday evening services. We trust in the Lord that He is working out his sovereign plan for GBC, but I admit, I find it somewhat distressing.

This year our Sunday School focused on church history, and we stopped for a break after Luther. It was a good time to introduce a study of the church creeds, catechisms and confessions during our Sunday-evening meetings.  Our Sunday School is now focusing on prayer, led by our elder, Ray Batdorf. We have had a fine time in studying Genesis in our morning Service.

Our Wednesday evening fellowship is again under construction. We plan to continue our ministry to local children of the community in the autumn. We had considered using an AWANA program, but it did not find a strong approval by the congregation, and thus, we are still a work in progress as how we will continue this ministry. Also, I am currently planning two “Soup, Salad, and Seminar” lectures for the local college students this fall. So far, the plan is to study the “The Science and Faith of Joseph Priestley,” (who is buried in nearby Northumberland County). The second lecture has yet to be determined.

I ask our ARBCA brethren to remember us in prayer. Please pray that GBC will increasingly turn our hearts and lives so that we will pour ourselves as an oblation for the Lord, love the brethren in the local assembly, attend the meetings with faithful and joyful hearts and shine the Gospel as a beacon of light to our rural community. In other words, we are desperately in need of revival.

Covenantal Blessings to our ARBCA brethren,

Charles Busada, Pastor, Grace Bible Church, Catawissa, PA

The Great Shepherd Baptist Church, Philipines

God sustains us to go preaching in schools and very busy… we have no more gospel tracts now… I’ve tried to contact Bro. Manlapaz but there are no stocks yet… I have contacted a preacher in Batangas in Luzon area…the assistant of Bro. Riley… Bro. Ranil… he has many boxes stocks but they cannot send them via mail since they don’t have funds to send via mail… according to him a box that has 10,000 gospel tracts cost $30 to arrive here in Bacolod City plus a donation of $2.50 per box…. He told me to come there and fetch the gospel tracts to minimize expenses.

If I will order 20 boxes of tracts that is around 200,000 gospel tracts the cost of mailing is this:

1 box =$32.50 then the 20 boxes = $650.00

so the cost for 20 boxes is $650.00

If I and Bro. John Clyde will go there and get these 20 boxes it will cost around $50.00 for donation and around $300.00 for round trip airplane trips and bus trip from Manila to Batangas and boxes fees. So it will be $350.00 in all. I would rather go and fetch the 20 boxes to be able to get it cheaper.

We are praying that a cheerful giver Christians will sponsor the needed $350.00 to get the 20 boxes of gospel tracts. Please pray with us…. I have preached last week to Silay National High School around 5,000 students heard the gospel so we are out of gospel tracts to distribute… today I preached in Bago National High School around 5,000 students heard the gospel but no gospel tracts to give to them… tomorrow I will be preaching In Bago Central School on their flag ceremony… please pray with us that the around 3,500 souls will respond to the gospel. Amen… I have many schedules this month and next month ahead. We really need gospel tracts… My prayer that by second week of August we can travel to Manila to Batangas to fetch the 20 boxes… because first week I still have many preaching schedules… We need your help. We love you and praying for you all.

 Your fellow servants of JESUS

Bro. E. G. Varon


 Wells of Hope Academy, Uganda

 We are thanking everyone who is praying, all those who are thinking about us and even those who have written to sympathize. Even thou we still have huge needs, We exist in a continuous hope and we know that God’s intervention is not far from near.

 You can contribute or follow the building progress on facebook, click on https://www.facebook.com/groups/139936426116070/

Francis Ssuubi Website: www.wellsofhope.org

The Robinson’s Missionaries to Bluegrass folks across the US

We heard the sad news that Susan Sallesa, who owns and promotes the White’s Beach festival, granddaughter, Kiara was just diagnosed with a rare bone marrow disease called A plastic Anemia. She is a sweet little 5 year old girl who is very very ill. I spoke with her Mom Erica who is understandably very afraid of losing her precious daughter. Please pray for Kiara. She is a little doll. There will be some fundraising efforts to help with the costly treatments including a bluegrass show in October. Pray the second round of treatments will stop her marrow from destroying itself. Also, please pray for Judy who was just diagnosed with ovarian cancer. We did hear a praise report from Wanna who after 13 years of horrific cramps was finally treated properly with a surgery to take out the blockage in her intestines and is feeling so much better. It’s given her a new lease on life. Finally, please pray for our dear friend Leora who is having surgery on her eyelids on August 1st. Continue to pray for our friend Keith Wescott who is beginning cancer treatments. He did come to the White’s Beach festival to see his son Jason performs with the band, The Grasshoppers.

We are hoping to catch up on some things this week and maybe actually get some rest before setting out for several weeks to finish our season with five more bluegrass festivals.

Friends of Jesus,

Mike & Mary Robinson



Weekly Prayer Report Prison Fellowship invites you to join us in praying for the work being done in prisons throughout the country, and for the lives being touched by this ministry. This week, please pray:

For the Bayview Correctional Facility reentry program in New York City as the ladies complete the courses and are released. Pray that the Lord provide the churches, mentors, and services specific to each participant’s needs.

That each of Prison Fellowship’s ministry teams across the country embraces our new e-learning curriculum.

For parents whose shame keeps them from talking about their child who is an inmate, that God may provide both comfort and courage.

 For state volunteer leaders as they support the mission of Prison Fellowship within their state.

 For the volunteer teams that continue to minister in non-staffed states, that God will bless their efforts








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