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July 15, 2012 by directorfsm

FSM/FSMWO Special Prayer

Requests Weeks of

Jul15th – 28th 2012

Please pray for Ashley, Bill P., Jessica and others seeking full time employment


Praise God, Mrs. Stephanie Tarrant has answered the call and accepted the position of Director of FSM Women’s Outreach. We are blessed to have such a godly and devoted member of Christs family on our staff.

for finances to keep the ministry going

for us to hear more from inmates and ex-mates.

Please continue to pray for Naida and I as we continue to pursue moving to MS as domestic missionaries. As a first step of faith we listed our house for sale and are praying God will bring a buyer quickly.

Samuel Mwakasungula,  Mbeya Tanzania 

Please pray for $350.00 USD so we can get our new sound system out of customs and transported to our church.

From our ARBCA Friends

Cuba Ministry At this year’s ARBCA GA, Trinity Reformed Baptist Church of Kirkland, Washington requested a Special Project to continue ministry in Cuba. For several years part of that ministry included one or more of our men preaching at summer young adult conferences. This Thursday, Sam Renihan of Trinity Reformed Baptist Church, La Mirada, California will travel to Cuba for this summer’s ministry. He will be gone from July 12 to August 8. Sam will preach in four different camps with varying ages. Each camp will have eight sermons. He will present two sermons under these four headings: The Written Word; The Incarnate Word; The Preached Word; and The Lived Word. Please pay for safety, good health, and, above all, gospel success. As well, thank you for your faithful support of this work in Cuba.

From Trinity Baptist Church in Baton Rouge, LA

On July 3rd our other pastor, Robert Shelby, while swimming with his children at a neighborhood pool, dove in and hit his head on the bottom fracturing the c-5 vertebra in his neck. He underwent surgery to repair his fractured neck and stabilize the bone. While the surgery was successful, he currently has no feeling from the chest down. Please pray for him and his family (he has nine children 12 & under) during his long recovery process and for our congregation as we care for them. While the surgeon didn’t give much hope for a full recovery we are still praying to this end as well as praying that God will demonstrate his wonderful love and grace through this affliction.

July 5th: Pastor Rob still has movement in his arms but has little feeling or movement of his fingers. The greatest news is he said he felt a very slight sensation when the nurse pricked his foot this morning.

July 6th: Pastor Rob’s status was upgraded from “complete” to “incomplete.” When the surgeon came out of the operating room on Tuesday night he told the family that Rob was considered “complete” meaning he was completely paralyzed; he had no feeling from about mid-chest down. He explained that statistically few of these cases ever show any significant improvement. When Pastor Rob was able to feel some sensation to sticking his foot yesterday they said he will now be considered “incomplete” (some feeling). These cases have greater statistical chance of improvement. Praise God!

They have decided to use the NeuroMedical Center here in Baton Rouge. It was a very difficult decision weighing the excellent reputation of Shepherd in Atlanta with what they have here. Their decision to stay here was based upon the needs of their young family as well as Pastor Rob’s commitment to his church and the large support group they have here. May God bless their decision.

July 9th: After a rough day yesterday Pastor Rob is doing somewhat better today and says he feels strong enough to receive visitors. He was able to sleep off and on during the night and his distress of needing to cough has subsided. Amy was able to get a little sleep, still needing to get up often to help Rob. Her fold-out bed in the room is much more comfortable than her chair in intensive care. He was able to see a few of his kids yesterday—an emotional reunion. Thank you for your continued prayers.

July 10, Prayer Request:

  • The primary issue right now is respiratory. He is still on oxygen. As long as his respiratory issues persist he won’t be able to move to the rehab hospital. Pray that God would improve his lung function so that he can be moved.
  • He is still very restless and uncomfortable at night which keeps him from sleeping and consequently keeps Amy from sleeping. Pray that God will help him rest at night.
  • Please continue to pray for God’s grace in Pastor Rob’s recuperation.
  • Continue to pray for their children during this time of stress and for those caring for them. And pray for Amy as she shares this time of affliction with her husband.

Pastor Dale Crawford; Trinity Baptist Church, Baton Rouge

From Emmanuel Reformed Baptist Church in Georgetown, TX

Please pray for us, that God will give some of our attenders a heart for this work.  Some have already expressed a great desire to see a Reformed Baptist Church start.  Their enthusiasm is tremendously heartening, as some have already begun telling their friends, taking cards to pass out to co-workers, and verbally encouraging us in the work.

There are some who attended who may not stay with us.  That is to be expected.  Still, there are others whom we have contacted who were not able to visit this first service, but want to attend in the next few weeks.  God may add more to us.  Our greatest desire is to see some invited who do not know Christ, that they may hear the gospel and come to faith.  Pray that the gospel will be preached, and that God will bless.

Brothers, we appreciate and need your prayers.

Stephen Garrick

The Great Sheperd Baptist Church, Philippines Please pray with us for the provision of jeep renewal registration to Land Transportation as needed yearly taxing and dues and processes this month of July. We have been praying on this several months now… no finances yet… but trusting the LORD to provide us the needed funds so that our preaching to schools be not hindered. Any cheerful giving contribution as God enables is highly appreciated…. Philippians 4:19. God bless you all and fervently praying for you all as well.

Bro. E. G. Varon


Wells of Hope Academy, Uganda

We are thanking everyone who is praying, all those who are thinking about us and even those who have written to sympathize. Even thou we still have huge needs, We exist in a continuous hope and we know that God’s intervention is not far from near.

You can contribute or follow the building progress on facebook, click on

Francis Ssuubi

The Robinson’s Missionaries to Bluegrass folks across the US

Please be in prayer for all the folks who are mourning the passing of Alice Waters, especially Allen & Maggie Pajak who have been her caregivers for some time now. Hazel McGee is fighting another round of cancer and she needs prayer. Keep Bubba Johnson in prayer as he continues to fight cancer. Our friend Molly McDonald lost a brother recently. It was not expected and he was quite young. We also heard this week that Gary and Emma Savage’s daughter died of pancreatic cancer. Pray for the family as she leaves behind 3 children under 11 and few family members available to help her husband with them. Pray that God will raise up folks to help in this situation. We were also asked to pray for Lou McDaniel’s friend Terri, as she suffers from a lot of health issues.

Friends of Jesus,

Mike & Mary Robinson;

Weekly Prayer Report Prison Fellowship invites you to join us in praying for the work being done in prisons throughout the country, and for the lives being touched by this ministry. This week, please pray:

for the Lord’s blessing as we prepare new training videos and seminars for future volunteers.

that the Angel Tree summer camps taking place this month be life-changing experiences for the children in attendance.

that legislators across the country continue to open their hearts and join other states in passing and implementing restorative justice legislation.

for the Lord to bless the many volunteers who donate their time to minister to Angel Tree children, serving as camp counselors, volunteers, cooks, and cabin leaders.

for God to build and strengthen His Church through the TUMI ministry and all in-prison Bible studies.









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