On 07.04.21 (Independence Day) Christian Churches Must Join Together to Begin Fixing America

DISCLAIMER: I do not know anything other than what I quickly read online about this organization. I do know that not all denominations or people calling themselves “Christians” are true churches or children of God. What I do know or maybe better put is what I believe is that of the 170 MILLION claiming to be Christian in the USA, if only a remnant, are in fact true Christians that number is still a powerful force against all the evil we are currently seeing in America. Let us pray the remnant is effective. – Mike

COLUMBUS, Ohio, June 8, 2021 /Christian Newswire/ — There is great power in numbers. The voice of 170 million U.S. Christians joining together to save our country and our children will be hard to ignore.

We must go beyond our church walls and join with all churches in our towns and cities to fix our country. Our voices must be louder than the voices of the bad guys who now shape America.

We need to influence school boards, city councils, and public officials.

If we create a country of children who have values and morals we will see great changes in our schools, on our streets, and in our society.

070421.com is not an organization. We are a call to action. We are establishing a starting date for Christian churches to join together as one and begin fixing our country.

070421 is a starting point. It’s like when you say “I’m going to start dieting on Monday!”

It’s no coincidence that 070421 is a Sunday.

Visit www.070421.com and help fix America.

SOURCE 070421.com

CONTACT: Kenny Kiskis, 937-765-1561, information@070421.com

A Snapshot of the Values, Views & Faith of Hispanic Americans – Barna Group

Barna has kept up with Hispanic faith trends over the years. In light of Hispanic Heritage month, we want to offer a snapshot of Hispanic Americans today.

According to the United States Census Bureau, as of 2017, Hispanics made up the largest ethnic minority in the U.S., with 58.9 million Hispanic Americans representing 18 percent of our national population. This culturally diverse group has roots in a variety of Hispanic countries, the largest percentages hailing from Mexico, Puerto Rico and Cuba, among others.

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