A People to be Pitied?

The Apostle Paul is concluding v.19 his discourse on the facts of Christ’s resurrection. He makes his point for those who deny the deity and resurrection of Christ are: If in Christ…: This assumes the reader (hearer probably in ancient times) is a part of the Body of Christ We have hope in this lifeContinue reading “A People to be Pitied?”

Are we a People to be Pitied?

WISHING RESURRECTION SUNDAY BLESSINGS FROM ALL OF US AT FAITHFUL STEWARD AND FAITH BUILDERS MINISTRIES TO ALL OF YOU AND YOURS. Image Source Christ is risen! Hallelujah Christ is risen! Hallelujah! Risen our victorious Head; Sing His praises; Hallelujah! Christ is risen from the dead. Gratefully our hearts adore Him, As His light once moreContinue reading “Are we a People to be Pitied?”