Amber Found Hope, Recovery, and Restoration




“Hope is possible, recovery is possible, restoration and reconciliation are possible … there is hope for me, and there’s hope for anybody that’s in a dark place.”—Amber

Amber Bigelow grew up too fast.

Amber’s parents divorced when she was just a baby, and she was raised by her mother, who Amber says struggled with alcohol. “I took care of her more than she took care of me,” Amber recalls. Meanwhile, her dad and brother lived in a different city, suffering from addictions and unhealthy behaviors of their own.

Amber was a poor kid who struggled to make friends and mostly bonded with much older kids. “I never really fit in anywhere,” says Amber, who lived in Minnesota at the time. “I always got good grades in school, [but] I was picked on a lot. I was kind of bullied.”


Public School … In a Church?

This is a brilliant cooperative idea, and the churches and ministries participating are to be commended. I just wonder however if they can open their doors why the schools can’t? – Mike

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Today’s BreakPoint: Public School … In a Church?

BP 8 27 2020


Most public schools across the country are either attempting to hold school remotely or, in some hybrid form, brings kids back in the classroom in a limited way, keeping the numbers low. And that’s just for now. The plan has already changed in many districts and will likely change again before all is said and done. The only sure thing, when it comes to this school year is that it is not going to be a normal one.

For a group of churches and ministries in Ohio, this is an opportunity to, in the words of the prophet Jeremiah, seek the welfare of the city. A few months ago, public school districts in Columbus asked local churches to provide additional space for students who have working parents, and whose school would not be opening for in-person instruction. Looking for places where students could access tech devices and the internet, be under adult supervision, where food could be provided, churches in Columbus opened their doors…


The Restoration Of All Things

It was God’s plan from the beginning, Isaiah 46:10, knowing that mankind would fail and fall, as it was His plan from the beginning that restoration (of Mankind to Himself) would be had through His only begotten Son, Christ Jesus, Acts 2:23. – Mike

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The restoration of all things…
is God’s ultimate plan…
to bring it back into alignment…
which too many don’t understand.
For God created all things…
and He said it was all good..
but the enemy came to destroy it…
but that plan wasn’t either understood.
Then many fell into Satan’s trap…
and accepted his wrong ways…
so Jesus came to save us…
and teach us to do more than in His days.
But we need to realize this truth…
and allow His Spirit to lead the way…
for it’s only with His Power…
that we can overcome all things today.

© Secret Angel and The Abuse Expose’ with Secret Angel, 2019.

Acts 3:21
“Heaven must receive him until the time comes for God to restore everything,
as he promised long ago through his holy prophets.”

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Broken… But Not Destroyed

This is for the many who have been broken, shattered, and even pulverized by the abuses of man… for while the enemy tries to destroy us, God has a better plan…

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