Are You Ready?

Tucked into this amazing story of Redemption and the promise of Reunification (1 Corinthians 15:20-28) we find these five words; “Then the end will come” Paul has spent the previous verses (1 Corinthians 15:1:-19) laying out the fact’s of Christ’s resurrection. Now he is making and emphatic statement the end is coming. The end of the earthly … More Are You Ready?

Why God Sent His Son

JOHN DIVITO | DECEMBER 7, 2018 Here is an excellent three part series from my friend and Pastor John Divito Our Slavery Our Savior Our Sonship John Divito currently serves as Pastor of Cornerstone Fellowship Church in Newburgh, IN. He is also a Director of African Pastors Conferences and a Board Member of Covenant Baptist Theological … More Why God Sent His Son

Some Errors Avoided by a Right Doctrine of Sanctification

Phil Newton | April 11, 2017 My sermon betrayed the gospel. I was young, a-theological, and gripped by legalism. That toxic mix led to a litany of don’ts with no hint of the power of the cross, standing with Christ, or certainty of the believer’s sanctification. Instead, it left the hearers with more stuff to … More Some Errors Avoided by a Right Doctrine of Sanctification