Saturday’s Military Devotional – MIGHT


When I was a kid I loved to walk along the shores of Cape Cod, or more recently along the beaches of South Mississippi. Yet every once in a while the majestic beauty of those walks would be interrupted God’s might.

While I may no longer live along the Gulf coast and have to worry about crashing waves this was yesterday’s news lead:

Jackson flooding
Note this is not our neighborhood we are not affected so far.

Jackson mayor urges residents to take flood threat seriously; Mayor issues order of evacuation for areas of Jackson

It is for me a reminder that he is sovereign and in charge of all things.


Read the Verse Link below and Review the Commentaries on Psalm 93 and answer the questions below. I pray you are blessed and God is Glorified.

Image result for PSALM 93:3

Psalm 93 (AMP) 

Salmos 93 (RVR 1960)

Psalm 93 Bible Commentary’s

Charles H. Spurgeon’s Treasury of David

Matthew Henry’s Bible Commentary (concise)

Jamieson, Faussett, and Brown


Today’s Questions

Say What?

Observation: What did I read? What struck you as most meaningful?

So What?

Interpretation: What does it mean? Overall and the most meaningful? Did it change your view on God’s Might?

Now What?

Application: How does it apply to me?

Then What?

Implementation: What do I do? How can I apply it to me today?