Why American Exceptionalism Is Different From Other Countries’ ‘Nationalisms’

With all the “hate” for America being spewed from the likes of Antifa, the so called ‘woke folks’ and many on the far left I often wonder what keeps them from just leaving; do they need help packing? 

America may have it’s issues but they care far fewer than most countries. If we could get past the past, the rhetoric of the socialists and the hype of the media maybe, just maybe we could see America for what it is, an exceptional (actually the greatest) country  to be blessed and privileged to live in.  – Mike

Why American Exceptionalism Is Different From Other Countries’ ‘Nationalisms’

Why American Exceptionalism Is Different From Other Countries’ ‘Nationalisms’

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Mobs are toppling statues of American heroes. America and America’s past are on trial. People are protesting and rioting over the very ideas of what America stands for.

The future of the country depends on what Americans do next.

It depends on how Americans answer some direct, but not so simple, questions: Who are we as Americans? What does it mean to be American?

The Meaning of the American Founding

To answer these questions, we have to start with the American founding. It gave America its ethos, its characteristic spirit and culture…


Some News Headlines

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