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  1. What Was God’s Purpose in the Cross?

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    April 9, 2020 by directorfsm

     R.C. Sproul Apr 01, 2020 What Was God’s Purpose in the Cross? The doctrine of limited atonement (also known as “definite atonement” or “particular …
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  2. The Seven Things Jesus Said on the Cross!

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    September 5, 2019 by directorfsm

    by Matt Slick / 11/02/09 These are the last seven sayings that Jesus said on the cross.  Sometimes they are referred …
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  3. TULIP and its Origins

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    January 9, 2017 by directorfsm

    Re-blogged from : December 28, 2016 William Hemsworth Since the beginning of its history the Christian church has evolved.  From …
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  4. Judgment for the Defendant Paid in Full

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    October 5, 2014 by directorfsm

    Preached September 3, 2014 Lakeshore Baptist Church, Lakeshore, MS             Whenever I think of judgment day I think of a …
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