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Psalm 7 is all about Confidence or Faith in God. It is not dumb or blind faith (as the picture above depicts) but one based upon a solid relationship with the creator God. 

David is under attack from Cush the Benjamite and sings this song of lament to the Lord praying for justice and refuge all the while having confidence in the Lord’s provision. 

One can break it down this way: 

v.1-2 David’s plea for help  – he goes directly to God for his refuge and justice, knowing man can not solve his problems. 

v.3-5 David’s plea of innocence – before the one judge that really matters David says I am innocent of all Cush is pursuing me for. Note verse 5 where David says if it is not so let my enemies overtake me.  How many of us would pray that?

v.6-7 David’s plea for God’s  intervention  – God help me, please

v.8-10 David’s defends himself – by imploring God’s own justice (righteousness) 

v.11-13 David’s confidence in God’s judgement – David uses the common analogy of weapons of war to describe the judgement of God

v.14-17 David describes man’s wickedness – From the beginning (conceived at birth)  man is evil 

v. 17 David praises God – The outcome is not declared but David’s confidence in God (Yahweh used here meaning the most high, supreme ruler) giving a positive response is based upon  God’s righteousness. 

We all come under attack at different times in our lives. Sometimes it is our own fault due to sin, many times it is just a lack of spiritual activity that opens the door to worldly influences. 

Whenever or whatever the  trouble comes from, the one constant is God. He is immutable a constant source of justice, strength, shelter and confidence for all His people.

If you are experiencing “life’s problems”  and what to know more about how you too can be like David, finding consolation and peace even in these times I encourage you to reach out to a Bible Based Church in your area.  If you need help finding one contact us here we would be glad to help. 


Reflections on the Cancel Culture

In this 3 Part series (so far at least) Dr. Tom Nettles, uses his over 40 years experience as a historical theologian to look at the current cultural trend of the “Cancel Culture.”  He does so from a Biblical and SBC point of view, I feel pointing out the unbiblical and dangerous path this is leading the Nation and many evangelical down. – Mike


There is One Lawgiver: Reflections on the Cancel Culture

There is One Lawgiver: Reflections on the Cancel Culture

The suggestion has been made that we should say farewell to Jonathan Edwards in light of his having purchased a slave named Venus. A serious call also has been issued to remove memorabilia of James P. Boyce and the three men who helped found the first Southern Baptist Seminary. Those suggestions prompted a line of thought about our aptitude to dismiss the value of brothers and sisters in Christ.

It is not very easy—in fact, it is not possible—to say “farewell” to any person in the history of the world. God has created them all and each will have an eternity immediately proceeding from God’s judgment—his perfectly impartial, absolutely just judgment in which every mouth will be stopped and the whole world held guilty before God (Romans 3:19, 23). Only those who by faith have been united with Jesus Christ in his perfect righteousness culminating in his propitiatory death will be granted, by grace, eternal life. The rest will depart into eternal torment with the devil and his angels. Seeing that an eternity awaits every person in which each will be a vessel of glory either of justice and wrath or justice and grace, we cannot wish them away. Seeing that in sin there is no difference, we cannot point to others and imply by our attempt to dismiss them, “I am better than they.”…

Part IIEdwards in the Hands of Social Justice
PART III, Removing Names: Deep Cleansing?


Whatever Happened to Mercy Ministry?

| October 18, 2018

The so-called culture war is largely a battle over the dictionary. Control the language, control the conversation.

Bible-believing Christians know that words have meanings. We are shaped in our spiritual lives, after all, by a Book—by texts.

Given this reality, it is alarming how quickly buzzwords fall in and out of vogue ** in the evangelical subculture. We insist upon the unchanging character of truth while riding culture’s coattails, adopting whichever catchphrases rolling through the broader discourse are gathering the most moss…

Continued at Source: Whatever Happened to Mercy Ministry? 

** Maybe it is just me, but I thought Christ commanded us to go out into the world and make disciples? No where do I find the suggestion that the church or it’s body of believers should bring the world into itself (adopt worldly ways, words, etc.). – Mike

Justice in Society

 | SEPTEMBER 27, 2018

With the recent discussions about social justice on social media and blogs, I submit that the dispute is not about whether Christians should seek justice in society but what kind of justice they should seek. While there may be a historic Fundamentalist impulse which says that Christians should simply preach the gospel and pray for the conversion of souls, ignoring the injustices that take place in society, I am not aware of anyone in this current discussion who is advocating that view. The question at hand is “What constitutes biblical justice in society?” Here are some of the Bible’s categories of justice in society…

Continued at Source: Justice in Society

Guilty until Proven Innocent

As the title suggests the new “norm” in America is a slap in the face to all who cherish the Constitution and all that the founding fathers fought for in establishing this country.

I have done my best to avoid commenting on the seemingly endless stream of sexual allegations being leveled at media and political figures in recent times, until now. But the consistent lies, innuendo and blatant attempts to manipulate public opinion have become too much for me to sit on the sidelines any longer.

First and foremost I and this ministry are completely supportive of victims of sexual abuse. We want these women and men to be able to acknowledge the crimes against them and see that justice is carried out. But that is the problem isn’t it, in every instance of recent times justice has not been carried out, unless you now consider justice as “The Court of Public Opinion”.

Rep. John Conyers, D-Mich., and Sen. Al Franken, D-Minn. were the two sacrificial lambs on the Democratic side after multiple allegations came out against both men. What is extremely troubling about this is neither of them was given any due process as guaranteed by the Constitution1. In Franken’s case the allegations were before he was a sitting Senator. One would think that the Senate ethics committee would have gotten involved but no. They were both forced out of office by their own Democratic party for political gamesmanship.2 It was a cold and calculated move the Democratic Party to oust two of their own in order to suddenly seem to be the party that champions women’s rights, specifically those who have been sexually abused. Unfortunately unless you are a brainwashed left winger, that scenario just does not hold up. They have too much history with the likes of Ted Kennedy, Bill Clinton and others to deal with. For Senator Kirsten Gillibrand to suddenly appear reformed after years of supporting and mugging for the camera with Bill Clinton is an insult to our intelligence.

Let us also look at the case of Rep. Trent Franks, of AZ. His case involved some pretty weird requests from the Senator, discussing his interest in finding a surrogate mother with staffers. Does this actually constitute sexual harassment? If so why wait years to speak up on something as nonthreatening as this? Yet again the Court of Public Opinion would have none of it and main stream media skewered Mr. Franks.

Finally there is Judge Roy Moore, a controversial figure for certain even before these allegations. But since then it seems like every media outlet and much of social media has decided he is a Pedophile. A person is a pedophile only if they are primarily or exclusively sexually attracted to prepubescent children, usually defines as boys and girls (under 10 years old). Yet I was under the impression that Moore’s alleged contact (as repeatedly reported in main stream media) was with teenagers 15+. That’s not pedophilia (prepubescent), that’s not even hebephilia (pubescent 11-14), that’s ephebophilia (pubescent and developmentally adult15-19) which may sometimes be bad taste and culturally taboo, but is not *inherently* immoral under the law. The media in its rush to condemn and pronounce judgement cannot even report the facts correctly.

Again my point here is not to defend any of these men, they may in fact deserve to step down, (or in Judge Moore case not be elected) but more importantly they deserve the right to defend their basic rights, in a court of law, as Americans under our Constitution. The goal of every American should and must be NO More Victims. The goal of every American should be and must be to ensure equal and fair Due Process for All its Citizens. The goal of every American should be and must be to get the facts, to stop relying on the less than honest media as the gospel truth. If not I fear we are on a very bad path if we continue to allow the media and public opinion to be the rule of law instead of due process. The day when the scales of justice were blind are eroding fast and someday it may be your day in court.

– Mike


1 The Fifth Amendment to the United States Constitution provides: No person shall … be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law  – Section One of the Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution provides: [N]or shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law


2 On 06 Dec Fox News, Laura Ingraham, sat down with Newt Gingrich and talked about the Democrat’s long-term plan to have the president impeached. Sure enough Senator Gillibrand immediately after Franken’s resignation did just that, claiming the high ground from her bully pulpit.




 Plenty of Justice – Job 37:23

 Plenteous in mercy – Psalm 103:8

 A just God and Saviour – Isaiah 45:21

 Mercy is ‘Alpha’; justice is ‘Omega’ – Thomas Brooks

 God hath two hands, a right hand of mercy and a left hand of justice. – John Boys

 Justice will take up the quarrel of abused mercy. – Thomas Manton

 Taken from: The Puritans Day by Day © The Banner of Truth Trust 2016

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 The justice of the Lord – Deuteronomy 32:21

 My justice was as a robe and a diadem – Job 29:14 R.V.

 Without justice, great commonwealths are but great troops of robbers. – John Owen

 His will is the rule of righteousness, and righteousness is the rule of His will. – Elisha Coles

 Justice in rigor is oft extreme injustice. – Richard Stock

 Taken from: The Puritans Day by Day © The Banner of Truth Trust 2016

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God Hates Injustice – Tim Challies

The God who loves what is good must not love what is evil. He must not even be ambivalent toward what is evil, what is harmful, what is destructive. He must hate it. The God of the Bible reveals himself as a God of love. But he also reveals himself as a God who hates. We have been looking at verses where the Bible employs words like “hate,” “abomination,” and “detestable,” and have seen that God hates idolatry and God hates sexual immorality. Today we turn our attention to this: God hates injustice…(more)

Source: God Hates Injustice – Tim Challies