Here is a 5 part series from GTY on the Holiness of God. Note they are listed in reverse order from which they were published Face to Face with the Holy One Incorruptible Holiness The Visitation of God’s Holiness The Revelation of God’s Holiness God’s Infinite Perfection

One Race, One Remedy

  While this short series was first published over a year ago, we believe it could not be more timely. As worldly, corrupting influences seep into the church, we trust that these vital truths will help… Source: One Race, One Remedy OTHER IN SERIES:  The New Segregation  

Attacking Anxiety

The following 14 Part series by John MacArthur and staff at GTY explores the biblical answers to Anxiety, Doubt and Worry. Along with  God’s Sovereignty and the Believer’s response.        Unshakable Peace Believers often find themselves living in contradiction to the world, and we should. The runaway anxiety and constant fear that grips … More Attacking Anxiety

John MacArthur on Anxiety and God’s Sovereignty

It should be clear by now that unchecked anxiety isn’t good for you. It’s a sin expressly forbidden by the Lord, so there is the spiritual cost to consider. But it’s also harmful to your health, your productivity, and your relationships. It wreaks havoc throughout your life, and as we saw yesterday, it strangles your … More John MacArthur on Anxiety and God’s Sovereignty

Being a Berean

The Bereans were residents of the city of Berea in Macedonia. Paul and Silas preached to them during Paul’s second missionary journey. The account of Paul and Silas in this location is recorded in Acts 17:10-15. The key verse for reads:   These Bereans exhibited several positive characteristics that marked their response to the gospel message. … More Being a Berean

God Is a Trinity

by John MacArthur / Wednesday, March 4, 2020 Why does the doctrine of the Trinity matter to us today? And why have so many great Christians throughout church history fought so tenaciously in defending it? The answer is fundamentally rooted in one critical question: Do we know God? READ MORE »

God Is One

by John MacArthur / Monday, March 2, 2020 There is only one true God, and He demands exclusive worship. That is the essence of the first commandment God gave to Moses on Mount Sinai. It is also the unshakable and unchanging truth about God from eternity past to eternity future. READ MORE »»