Limits of Liberty

Here in this 5 part series from Grace to You, John MacArthur and staff explore the true meaning of Christian liberty. Legalists and Libertines The Limits of Liberty Liberty, Knowledge and Love Liberty, Knowledge and Sin Setting Aside Your Liberty

Keeping the Faith

Here is a 13 part series, first published in June 2018, from John MacArthur’s Grace to You Ministries entitled Keeping the Faith. Note some of the words used in the titles Judge, Discrimination, Humility, Discern are those likely on the hit list of “bad” words for the woke culture of today. Yet the bible says … More Keeping the Faith

Persecution and Purity

    Intolerance for biblical Christianity is seemingly on the rise. This shouldn’t surprise us—the Lord promised that His people would be persecuted. But it should sharpen our resolve to remain faithful and pure before a watching and increasingly hostile world. This series, first published in July 2015, is a timely reminder to that end. … More Persecution and Purity