Devotional Thought for Today – 04/17/2021

God’s Providential Blessing

Romans 8:28

Y’all are probably wondering what in the world a little trailer has to do with a daily devotional. Well, welcome to the latest addition to the FSM/FBM arsenal. For some time now I have been looking for a lightweight trailer or camper to pull behind the bike for whenever we (the wife and I or on cross country trip my grandson and I) are riding together. I need one to put the additional clothing, camping gear and secure my LARGE medic bag.

With the Heartland Heroes Tour coming up in just a few short weeks I must admit I was getting a little concerned I would not be able to find one that was suitable and we could afford. Then of course GOD stepped in. He had this planned way in advance, my daughter saw this on Facebook (irony) messaged the folks, I go and look at it, of course, we get to gabbin (it’s a southern thing) I explain all about #Mission M25 Ministries, #RFTW, #Tribute to Fallen Soldiers, and the other ministries we are involved in, being a Chaplain/Medic and a church building counsultant and all. So get around to price, they were asking $500.00 which was not unreasonable, when I go to pay them, they hand me the title and say put it to good use in the ministry for the glory of God, no charge. What? I am sure I had the dumbest look on my face.

I promised after I cleaned it up and get all the stickers off and add the ones we want, I would run it by and show them. We exchanged cards (felt like I was in Japan 😉) and agreed to stay in touch. Can you say HUGE BLESSING!

As always God is in total control, His great concern over our daily lives causes causes all things to work together…according to His plan and purpose. That is Divine Providence, it makes our wisest plans look dumb by comparison and our best endeavors weak.

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Our wisest plans and best endeavors!

(Letters of John Newton)

We are disciples – Jesus is our Master. The world we live in is His school, and every person and event is under His management, designed to forward us in the great lessons which He would have us to learn – such as . . . self-denial,  a distrust of creatures, and   an absolute dependence upon Himself.

In this view,
 afflictions – are mercies,  losses – are gains,  hindrances – are helps, and all things, even those which seem most contrary – are working together for our good.

Creatures smile upon us – or frown upon us; caress us – or disappoint us; friends grow cool – and enemies become kind – just as His wisdom sees most expedient to promote our spiritual progress.

Where we look for most blessing – it often comes to little; where we look for nothing – we often obtain most benefit.

Our wisest plans and best endeavors at one time produce great troubles! At another time, what we do at random, and what we account the most trifling incidents – are productive of happy, lasting, and extensive consequences.

It is well for us if, by a long train of such changing, checkered experiences – we at length attain to some proficiency, and can say with David, “My soul, wait only upon God; for my expectation is from Him.”

The heart possession of two maxims of Matthew Henry, is well worth all that the acquisition can cost us:
  1. Every creature is to us – only what God makes it.
  2. We cannot expect too little from man – nor too much from God.

In this school I am placed – and these lessons I am aiming to learn. But I am a poor scholar and indeed any master but He who condescends to be my teacher – would turn me out as an incorrigible dunce!

Yet I sincerely wish to be willing to be what, and where, and how the Lord would have me be – to cast all my cares simply upon Him, and to be always satisfied in my mind that He assuredly cares for me!

Devotional Thought for Today – 04/10/2021

6 For when we were yet without strength, in due time Christ died for the ungodly.
7 For scarcely for a righteous man will one die: yet peradventure for a good man some would even dare to die.
8 But God commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. Romans 5:6-8

Romans 5:6-8

We can think and talk long and hard on Christ’s deed at Calvary. Yet we too must be willing to Crucify our sins to be truly a follower of Christs.

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Crucify your sins

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(William Dyer, “Christ’s Famous Titles”)

“Those who belong to Christ Jesus have crucified the flesh with its passions and desires.” Galatians 5:24

Crucify your sins
, which have crucified your Savior.

Did the rocks rent, when Christ died for our sins?
And shall not our hearts rent, who have lived in our sins?

Oh, that the nails which pierced His hands,
  should now pierce our hearts.

Oh, that they should wound themselves with their sorrows,
  who have wounded Christ with their sins.

Oh, that they who have grieved His heart,
  should be grieved in their hearts.

Oh, that I should be such a bad a child to Him,
  who has been such a good a Father to me.

My sins have been my greatest terror, and
  my Savior has been my choicest helper.

Oh, put sin to death, for sin was the cause of Christ’s death.

If someone killed your father—would you hug him and embrace him as your friend, and let him eat at your table? Would you not rather hate and detest the very sight of him!

If a snake should sting your dearly beloved spouse to death—would you preserve it alive, warm it at the fire, and hug it in your bosom? Would you not rather stab it with a thousand wounds!

And were not our sins the cause and instrument of Christ’s death? Were not they the whips that scourged Him; the nails, the cords, the spear, the thorns that wounded Him, and fetched the heart-blood from Him? And can we love our sins, which killed our Savior? Can a wife truly love her husband, and still embrace an adulterer?

We complain of the sins of Judas, and seem to hate them, and shudder at their mention. And can we love our Judas sins, which put Christ to death? And yet how many are there—who had rather have sinful-self satisfied, than to have sinful-self crucified.

Oh, sin is that mark at which all the arrows of Divine vengeance are shot!

Were it not for sin, death would never have had a beginning.
And were it not for death, sin would never have an ending.

Man began to be sorrowful, when he began to be sinful.
The wind of our lusts, blows out the candle of our lives.
If man had nothing to do with sin, death would have nothing to do with man.

Oh, did sinbring sorrow into the world?
Oh, then—let sorrow carry sin out of the world.

Of all evils, sin is the great evil. “The wages of sin is death.” Romans 6:23

Oh, sin is worse than punishment, banishment and imprisonment.

Sin kills both body and soul:
  it throws the body into cold earth rotting,
  and the soul into the hot Hell burning!

Devotional Thought for Today – 04/03/2021

My daughter is getting married today and y’all know how much I love these old dead guys 😉. So instead of another post of mine, I thought I would share some wisdom of theirs.

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Three rules for a happy marriage

(J.C. Ryle, “The Gospel of Mark” 1857)

Of all relationships of life, none ought to be regarded with such reverence and none taken in hand so cautiously, as the relationship of husband and wife.

In no relationship is so much earthly happiness to be found, if it is entered upon discreetly, advisedly, and in the fear of God. In none is so much misery seen to follow, if it is taken in hand unadvisedly, lightly, wantonly, and without thought.

From no step in life does so much benefit come to the soul, if people marry “in the Lord.” From none does the soul take so much harm, if imagination, passion, or any mere worldly motive is the only cause which produces the union.

There is, unhappily, only too much necessity for impressing these truths upon people. It is a mournful fact, that few steps in life are generally taken with so much levity, self-will, and forgetfulness of God, as marriage. Few are the young couples who think of inviting Christ to their wedding!

It is a mournful fact that unhappy marriages are one great cause of the misery and sorrow of which there is so much in the world. People find out too late that they have made a mistake, and go in bitterness all their days.

Happy are they, who in the matter of marriage observe three rules:

The first is to marry only in the Lord, and after prayer for God’s approval and blessing.

The second is not to expect too much from their partners, and to remember that marriage is, after all, the union of two sinners, and not of two angels.

The third rule is to strive first and foremost for one another’s sanctification. The more holy married people are, the happier they are.

Our clumsy hands!

April 6, 2019 by Steve Rebus

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(J.R. Miller)

“I do not practice what I want to do–but I do what I hate!” Romans 7:15 

Think of the brokenness, the incompleteness, the littleness–of these lives of ours!

We get glimpses of beauty in character–which we are not able to attain!
We have spiritual longings–which seem to us too great ever to come true.
We dream of things we want to do–but when we try to work them out, our clumsy hands cannot put them into realizations!

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