Sunday Sermon Series – Warning Every Man


It has been a while so here it is, CONTEXT, Colossians 1:24–29 is a sort of summarization of Paul’s ministry work. He says he, rejoices in suffering for them, He is a minister by God’s appointment, called to preach the mystery of the Gospel to the Gentiles, warning everyone with wisdom in order that we may present every man perfect in Christ Jesus, often doing so to the pint of exhaustion but depending solely upon the power of God to accomplish all.

Oh that men would stand in the pulpit today and preach like Paul, Christ Alone through Grace Alone. We need not facing surroundings bright lights, loud music to get the “right experience” we need the WORD OF GOD preached in an uncompromising manner.


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The Warning

Colossians — #5627 — Colossians 1:28

What makes false teachers dangerous? It is the fact that they turn people away from Christ Jesus. In this sermon from Colossians 1:28, Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones warned us on the dangers of false teachers and the need for the true Gospel. There were those in the early Church who taught dangerous things, such as the need for other beings to stand as mediators between men and God. But the apostle Paul denounces them and proclaims the truth that Christ alone can save from sin. The Gospel is found in Christ’s ability to save sinners, and He is able to save to the fullest. Those who have trusted in Jesus do not need any other Savior, nor do they need another priest to lead them to God. What is the Gospel message that false teachers deny? It is the message that all men are fallen and in sin. Because of this, they are under the judgment of God. But Christ died for sinners in order that all who believe in Him are saved from the righteous judgment of God. There is no other message of salvation; Jesus is the only way to God. Do you believe this message of salvation in Jesus Christ? As Dr. Lloyd-Jones explains, there is no more important message than the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Sunday Sermon Series – Christ Invitation

Matthew 11:28 - Bible Quote - Bible Verse Images

Matthew 11

Chapter 11, can be broken down as follows: Christ’s preaching. (1) Christ’s answer to John’s disciples. (2-6) Christ’s testimony to John the Baptist. (7-15) The perverseness of the Jews. (16-24) The gospel revealed to the simple. The heavy-laden invited. (25-30) – Matthew Henry

As Matthew Henry points out our text v.28 is part of the invite to the heavily laden by Christ. There are three quick points I wish to make, that I gleaned from the text before we come on the sermon and other materials:

  • It is only through Christ Alone that the invite can go out
  • The invite is directed only towards those burdened by sins
  • Only Christ, by His atonement at Calvary, can provide rest from that burden


Christ’s Invitation by J C Ryle


Come – Matthew 11:28 by J C Ryle

Come Unto Me All Ye That Labor Thomas Boston

The Rest of Christ by A W Pink

The Yoke of Christ – Matthew 11:28 by A W Pink

The Present and Future Rest of True Believers – Matthew 11:28 by John Newton

Christ’s Gracious Invitation – Matthew 11:28 by Archibald Alexander

Come, All Who Are Weary Desiring God Ministries

Rest, Rest C.H. Spurgeon

A Knowledge of God By Dr. M. Lloyd-Jones

Reformed Evangelism

As I noted yesterday in the post What is a Reformed Baptist? one of the greatest misconceptions about anyone in adhering to tenets of Reformed or Covenant Theology is that they do not care about evangelism. It stems from the aversion to the term Unconditional Election but holds no foundation in biblical or historical truth. 

Reformed Spirit: On Evangelism - David Martyn Lloyd-Jones

The following comes from A Puritans Mind, please note that while they chose the word Witnessing (sharing personal testimony) they really mean Evangelizing (Declaring the Good News (salvation) through Christ Alone).


“But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts: and be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear,” (1 Peter 3:15).

For Christians with a solid biblical worldview, it is extremely important to them to know how to share their faith, and be ready to give an answer for the truth which lies in both their heart and mind. As a help to this, we ask the question, “How did the Puritans witness to a lost and dying world? How should we learn from their biblical models?” The Puritans were masters at declaring and publishing the Gospel as preachers, and as Christians. We can learn much from their practice.

Online Books and Articles on Witnessing and Evangelism here at A Puritan’s Mind: Note the ones with an * I have read and can recommend

Joseph Alleine’s, A Sure Guide to Heaven PDF.
*Thomas Brook’s, Young Men Exhorted to Come to Christ PDF.
*Thomas Boston’s, The Art of Man Fishing PDF
Ichabod Spencer’s, Pastor’s Sketches (Dealing with Anxious Souls) PDF
*Calvin’s Evangelism by Joel Beeke PDF

Other resources:

Telling People the Truth in Love: A Reformed Approach to Evangelism

Spurgeon’s Three R’s: A Useful Method for Evangelism

What Is Evangelism?

Calvinism and Evangelism


Daily Devotional – Praise the Lord

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Psalm 107:8

Oh that men would praise the Lord for his goodness, and for his wonderful works to the children of men! (KJV)

Alaben la misericordia de Jehová, Y sus maravillas para con los hijos de los hombres. (RVR 1960)

Today as always I get my inspiration from one of my daily scripture readings. This morning as I read the above verse it struck me, why is folks are so quick to complain (and use God’s name in vain) when things are not going well yet so reluctant to praise the Lord when things are going well. In all actuality we should (if we are true;y redeemed) be praising the Lord in the valley’s, the mountain tops and everywhere in between.

Instead of a my usual devotional I am recommending to you the book, Let Everybody Praise the Lord Psalm 107, by Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones. I am not sure if it is available in print any longer but CBD has a ebook version here is an excerpt:

The publisher notes that Dr. Jones expounds this wonderful psalm seeing a great choir, drawn from the four corners of the earth, united in praising God. Using the Psalmist’s vivid word-pictures he underlines the sheer grace of God who rescues sinners from the wilderness, frees them from prison, heals them from dreadful disease and saves them from a terrible storm. Throughout this superb exposition(co-published with Bryntirion Press) Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones shows the profound difference between false and true religion. True Christianity always, and inevitably, leads to grateful and heart-felt praising of God ‘for his goodness and for his wonderful works to the children of men.




Sunday’s Sermon Series

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Así que, queriendo yo hacer el bien, hallo esta ley: que el mal está en mí. 22 Porque según el hombre interior, me deleito en la ley de Dios; 23 pero veo otra ley en mis miembros, que se rebela contra la ley de mi mente, y que me lleva cautivo a la ley del pecado que está en mis miembros. (RVR 1960)

Carnal Man: 3) The Battle Within – Romans 7:21-23

Audio MP3 by Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

David Martyn Lloyd-Jones (20 December 1899 – 1 March 1981) was a Welsh Protestant minister, preacher and medical doctor who was influential in the Reformed wing of the British evangelical movement in the 20th century. For almost 30 years, he was the minister of Westminster Chapel in London.


Two other Sermons in series: