Hurricane Laura

An all to familiar scene in the wake of Hurricane Laura can be seen in this early morning video of St Charles, LA. 

PLEASE PRAY for all those effected by the storm, those in the storms path (She is not done) and all those responding to the storm damage (First responders and Volunteers alike) 

Loving and Serving

This is my first post since March 6th and much has happened. The world has exploded with Corvid-19 and I have been on a mission trip with Eight Day of Hope #8DOH, in Mount Juliet/Lebanon, TN helping with the tornado recovery.

8DOH is a fine organization and I have worked with them since 2017. I know times are uncertain right now but after prayerful consideration please think about donating to them by using the link to the right.

You can see the pictures I took and some from others at the link here:

TN Tornado Rapid Response March 2020

Houston Rapid Response

As many of you know Faith Builders Ministry deployed to Houston with Eight Days of Hope. 

My first impression as a rapid responder was Houston was much like Denham Springs, LA last year in that the infrastructure was intact (Unlike Katrina in Hancock Co. Mississippi) but the internal damage was tremendous both to property and people.

I am very grateful for the opportunity to serve alongside the volunteer men and women of eight days of Hope and look forward to rejoining them in a week**. The ministry is well organized and lead by folks who care first and foremost for the people in the community not the job of “mudding” out homes.

They plan on being in Houston until at least October 15th so if you are interested in volunteer opportunities or wish to make a donation see the link on right side of this website.

Also here is a link to some pictures I took while there (when my phone was working) Houston Rapid Response Pictures

** Please note I have signed up to go to Puerto Rico, as we have still not heard from Naida’s mom (my mother-in-law) or any other relatives or our many friends in the Juncos area. This may affect my returning to Houston.