America Has a Trust Problem

“Trust is to capitalism what alcohol is to wedding receptions,” suggests Jerry Useem in an article in The Atlantic last November, “a social lubricant… ‘If trust is sufficiently low,’” he continues, quoting economists Paul Zak and Stephen Knack, “‘economic growth is unachievable.’” Public trust, specifically of the federal government, began to erode in the 1960s… READ MORE > … More America Has a Trust Problem

Why The Greatest Gift the Church Can Give Us Is Forgiveness

We have all been there and seen them, individuals or churches as a whole who shun ex-inmates or those who do not “conform” to their ideal of the “perfect” Christian. Simply put that is Legalism and has no place in any CHURCH. Basically, they are saying Christ’s atonement was good enough for only those they … More Why The Greatest Gift the Church Can Give Us Is Forgiveness

Why Defend Freedom for Everyone, Everywhere, All the Time?

The greatest enemy of freedom can be freedom. One of the most important observations that I gleaned from one of Os Guinness’s books is that celebrating the acquisition of liberty and freedom (what we celebrate this weekend is our acquisition of freedom) is typical in the world’s history. But what is really unusual is sustaining freedom… SOURCE: Why … More Why Defend Freedom for Everyone, Everywhere, All the Time?

When Inclusivity Becomes Incoherence

Like his Democratic predecessor, President Biden has prioritized LGBTQ rights in both the domestic and foreign policies of the United States. The administration’s priorities were made most obvious in early June when an enormous rainbow flag was hung outside the U.S. embassy to the Vatican. While “trolling” the Roman Catholic Church isn’t usually a diplomatic priority, officials … More When Inclusivity Becomes Incoherence

Your Family Needs You (And You Need Them)

Your Family Needs You (And You Need Them) Earlier this month, in a piece for The Atlantic, Joshua Coleman described an epidemic that’s not COVID but that’s also afflicting America: family estrangement. As a psychologist who specializes in family therapy, Coleman reports that his practice is flooded with older parents mourning the loss of contact with their grown children and … More Your Family Needs You (And You Need Them)

QAnon, Conspiracy Theories, & the Church

Today’s BreakPoint: QAnon, Conspiracy Theories, & the Church Faith and Fear Don’t Mix JOHN STONESTREET WITH SHANE MORRIS At a press conference a few weeks ago, a reporter asked President Trump about the conspiracy theory QAnon. Started a few years ago by an anonymous user on the message site 4chan, QAnon claims, among other things, that a ring … More QAnon, Conspiracy Theories, & the Church