The International Day of Prayer for Persecuted Christians (IDOP)

There’s still time. Order resources that inspire prayer! The International Day of Prayer for Persecuted Christians (IDOP) will be held on Nov. 6, and there’s still time to order resources for your church, small group or family. You can hang a prayer banner in your church as a reminder to pray for persecuted Christians in … More The International Day of Prayer for Persecuted Christians (IDOP)

H.R. 8404, the deceptively titled “Respect for Marriage Act.”

Over 400 ‘Conservative’ Leaders and More Than 200 Businesses Urge Passage of Bill that Would Discriminate Against Christians Who Support Traditional Marriage Posted by Nicole Hunt | Sep 15, 2022 | Religious Freedom This week over 400 progressive “conservative” leaders and more than 200 businesses released letters addressed to the U.S. Senate urging them to support a bill that would … More H.R. 8404, the deceptively titled “Respect for Marriage Act.”

Limits of Liberty

Here in this 5 part series from Grace to You, John MacArthur and staff explore the true meaning of Christian liberty. Legalists and Libertines The Limits of Liberty Liberty, Knowledge and Love Liberty, Knowledge and Sin Setting Aside Your Liberty

De-Funding Faith-Based Organizations

by: John Stonestreet &  Roberto Rivera BreakPoint: Woke Capitalism Targets Religious Freedom Usually, infringements on religious freedom come from the government: legislatures, regulatory agencies, or local agents of inquisition like the Colorado Civil Rights Commission. But emerging and serious threats to religious freedom are also coming from the private sector. An obvious example is the workplace. I’ve talked … More De-Funding Faith-Based Organizations

On Controversy

John Newton | July 8, 2017 With the new Great Divide in America having formed (Liberal Left and Conservative Right) I was reminded yesterday in church (thanks Bobby Crenshaw) of this gem. Social media has become a place of mud slinging even between “Christians” and is that the way “mature” adults really want to … More On Controversy

Christian liberty

June 25, 2018 by Steve Rebus  We should keep watch over our words and deeds, not only in their intent and purpose — but also in their possible influence over others. There may be liberties which lead to no danger for us — … Continued at  Christian liberty