Devotional Thought for Today – 10/29/2020

Margin notes: Psalm 11 | ResponsiveReiding



According to Theodoret, and other early church Fathers this Psalm was written when David was being persecuted by Saul, and was was told to get out, escape for his own safety. 

We have all been in situations when things seem desperate maybe even hopeless but how we react is what really matters. Do we go to God with our problems, seek His wise counsel find our refuge and Hope in His promises our drown our sorrows in worldly affairs (alcohol, drugs, etc.) of hopelessness. 

David’s response is worth copying: 

v.1 Face with persecution David responds that The Lord is his refuge, how can you (his counselors) even suggest he run anywhere but to the Lord. 

v.2 To emphasize the gravity of the situation David says, bows are locked and cocked against him and aimed at his heart.

v.3 But if I (David) forget the basic tenets of my faith (foundations) in times of trouble how much of a pretender am I?

v.4 Contrasting the temple and heaven David appears to show strength gained from the knowledge God is watching and testing all men. 

v.5-7  David makes his closing argument for putting his trust in God here. First the righteous will be tested and approved of God so David’s hope is secure. Second the wicked, David’s enemies fate is not so pleasant but just as assured and David can take solace in that. Finally he notes how much God loves those that are upright (do virtue, moral, and just deeds) they are approved workers of God. 

We always have a choice when facing difficult situations. We can trust God and allow our faith in him to quell and comfort our feelings of hopelessness. We can pray and ask Him for guidance and courage. Or we can run and try and do it on our own, hiding panic-stricken that life is over taking us. The choice is ours to make. 

Lord help me to always trust in you when difficulties arise. Let me find shelter and comfort in your promises and strength and wisdom in your Spirit. Amen. 

Saturday’s On Track Military Devotional

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Today’s Reading

Romans 14:1-12

We have all been there in our lives at some point thinking how in the world did I get myself into this mess?  How could I have made such a bad choice? It is our nature to do that which is wrong in most instances, that was one of the reasons the founding fathers thought is so necessary to have Chaplains with the Continental Army. – Mike  

Making Good Choices

     When you are faced with an important decision, how do you decide what to do? If you currently find yourself in a situation which requires a decision, you will find great encouragement from today’s reading. Paul tells us that when we need to make choices in our lives, we need to keep two important thoughts in mind. First, our motives need to be pure and our lives, lived unto the Lord. Our desire ought to be to please Him and bring glory to His name, not what appears to be the most comfortable or easiest for us. Even in areas that are seemingly unimportant, like eating. Second, we must keep in mind that we will all appear before the judgment seat to give an account for the choices we have made. It is not others who evaluate the choices we make, it is God Himself who will evaluate each of our choices. With these two thoughts in mind, how do the choices you have made recently measure up? Have you thought about what other people are doing and what they might think of your decisions as opposed to what God thinks? Remember, do everything as unto the Lord, and never forget it is before Him you will stand to give an account. Pleasing Him is all that matters.

Today’s Questions

Say What?

What are some choices you currently have to make?

So What?

How can you make sure you are motivated by pleasing God?

Now What?

How can you make sure to remember you will give an account for your decision?

Then What?

In light of this passage, what personal commitment can you make?
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