Education in America – Various Sources – 12/15/21

What Children Lose When Their Brains Develop Too Fast School Choice Saves Money and Helps Kids Supreme Court Should Give Parents More Education and Religious Freedom Texas Education Agency – And Concerned Parents – Investigating to See if Local Schools Offer Obscene Books to Students  Purdue Professor Refers to COVID as the ‘Wuhan Virus,’ Prompting … More Education in America – Various Sources – 12/15/21

Parenting and the State: Red Flags in “Build Back Better”

As always a well informed citizenship is the politicians greatest enemy. I this case the BBBA, is a budget busting (Biden claims $0.00 closer to $5,000,000,000.00 added to deficit) and as this article points out more government involvement in raising your children. President Joe Biden’s Build Back Better Act, passed by the U.S. House last month, is expected … More Parenting and the State: Red Flags in “Build Back Better”

Kids Are Given to Parents, Not the State

On Tuesday, Republican Glenn Youngkin defeated previous governor Terry McAuliffe in the Virginia governor race. The issue that gave Youngkin the edge was education, something that Republicans typically do not perform well on in Virginia. Things changed in the Commonwealth, however, after a year and a half of school shutdowns, heated disagreements over masking policies, debates … More Kids Are Given to Parents, Not the State

There’s No Such Thing as Values-Free Education

A few weeks ago, Gabriel Gipe, a high school AP Government teacher in Sacramento, was suspended for encouraging his students to take up far-Left activism. When students complained about the Antifa flag he’d hung up in his classroom, he dismissed their concerns and suggested that only fascists would be bothered by it. He also offered extra credit … More There’s No Such Thing as Values-Free Education

Sex Education in Public Schools:

If you have a child in Public Schools this is a MUST READ article Sex Education in Public Schools: Sexualization of Children and LGBT Indoctrination By Cathy Ruse Senior Fellow and Director of Human Dignity **DISCLAIMER: This brochure includes some graphic descriptions of sex education class content. Not so long ago, sex education in public schools involved … More Sex Education in Public Schools:

Historians Doomed to Repeat Themselves

Historians Doomed to Repeat Themselves April 28, 2020 By Tony Perkins The public schools might be closed, but based on the country’s latest history marks, some kids aren’t missing much! In the “Nation’s Report Card” from the Department of Education, U.S. scores took another big dive in subjects like history, part of an alarming trend … More Historians Doomed to Repeat Themselves